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    Straight Male / 47

    I am 67 years old and suffer from ED. Mostly I attribute this to medications as I am otherwise in good physical health. I also attribute this to my wife. I just cannot get interested in being intimate with her anymore. Physical yes, but has become hardwired with attitudes that can only be dealt with by shutting up. Unfortunately most of these are coming from the so called woman's movement. I can't stand them and either shut her down or leave the room. So I leave the room.

    All this to say something. I am retired, my wife still works. To stay occupied I volunteer at my church for various things going on. One of the things I volunteered for was sorting and cataloging items to send to Florida for the Hurricane. It is a day's work. Working with me was a young woman, nineteen, who had dropped out of college and her mother sent her to the church to volunteer. She and I were assigned the task of cataloging the boxes once they were packed.

    She kept yacking this and that and I told her if she didn't have anything interesting to say I preferred that she shut up. I also told her that her leggings were too small and every time she bent over I could see her c**t. In fact I could see her c**t when she stood up. I asked her if this was on purpose or if she was just stupid. I told her it was called a c**t because she was intentionally wearing clothes that outlined her c**t. She called me a name, told me I couldn't get it up and bent over to lift a box and I grabbed her between the legs and didn't let go. She wrestled but she was no match and once she was on the floor I put my knee in her back and asked her if she wanted more of if she gave up and was going to call me sir. I let her turn over on her back.

    All that excitement gave me a hard on, the first hard on I have had in God know how long. I was hard, I told her I was hard and if she wanted to find out if I could get it up now was her chance. She got up slowly and agreed to stop behaving the way she did, we finished our job and she went on her way. I got my things together and walked out to my car. She came over to my car and said I was a dirty old man for grabbing her that way, I reminded her that she asked for it, and she reminded me again that I was a dirty old man for grabbing her and no one had grabbed her like that before.

    The thing for me is this, I had not taken any form of Viagra or other medication and I got a hard on. The girl comes to the church and wears more modest clothes and we have a thing now. No sex, she just hangs around me and volunteers with me. I haven't gotten a hard on since that day. I suppose I have to feel bad for grabbing her but I really don't, she was offering it and I took it. I enjoy her company and I guess she enjoys mine. My job is to encourage her to go back to college she had no business having out with an old man. Deep down inside I wish I could move on her but that is adultery and I don't think I could keep it up long enough to do the job.

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    I'm 53 and I'll occasionally take a blue pill to help. It's funny though how certain circumstances, perhaps the more naughty the better (?) will bring a great erection.

    Good luck.

    BTW, if I assume correctly that you're an old school church conservative, do yourself a favor and read something like Bart Ehrman's book: Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them), or his book Misquoting Jesus.

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    Sick fucks.
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    ED isn't necessarily a case of old men needing a blue pill. It's more of old women being so freaking ugly and unattractive. I have a hard time getting it up for my wife but I can get rock hard looking at gorgeous women in porn.

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