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    Lesbian Female / 22

    We don't have sex but we sleep together. We roomed together in our freshman year and moved into an apartment after that. One night it was cold and she came and got in bed with me and we have slept together ever since. We are seniors now and we still sleep together, we also do everything else together. Lots of people have labeled us as lesbians, they know we sleep together and she is my wife on campus. The most we have ever done is hug each other and because we are in bed together we do put our arm around the other one or lay in bed and talk in whispers even thought there is no one else in the apartment.

    We let people call us lesbians and we call each other wife, like my wife has plans so sorry I can't study with you, or my wife and I are going to the movies, your welcome to join us. Or let me ask my wife, or me and my wife have been together since we were freshman. We aren't part of any lesbian group and generally don't hang out with lesbians. We don't disagree that we are lesbians, we are just the way we are, two peas in a pod.

    It is still a year away but I am sure we are leaving together to go live wherever one of us finds a job after graduation. I know it is premature but if she said to me let's get married I would get married. I have not said that to her because I feel it is her place to ask first. I have always been the real wife in the relationship and she has is more of the one who takes charge of things for us and I want her to have that moment.

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