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    Lesbian Female / 27

    Going back to my first job out of college. I had moved from my college town to the big city for my job. I rode the bus from my apartment to downtown every morning. The bus route went through a strange neighborhood, all the people that got on were weird, dressed weird, wore their hair weird, girls in dresses and storm boots.

    One morning this woman got on, she was kind of pretty in a mature sort of way and she had this girl with her, a petite small girl and she pulled her with her by the hand and when they say down she put her against the window. I looked, they sat beside me. After they sat down the older girl whisked the hair out of the younger girl's face, set her skirt straight, and after she was satisfied she kissed her on the mouth. I had never seen a girl kiss a girl.

    This couple was on my schedule and most mornings we rode the same bus. Same routine, the older girl went first the younger girl followed, sat by the window and she was groomed and she got kissed. One day the older girl had on a tank top and I saw this tattoo on her boob. It was a name. It took me pretty much the whole ride to read it, it said Crystal. On another ride I heard her call the younger girl by her name, Crystal.

    I was fascinated with them, they were my bus friends. I had never been around lesbians and it took me a while to figure out that they were lesbians, one was the butch and one was the fem. I started to look for them and if they didn't make it to the bus I felt bad and when they did make it to the bus I hoped upon hope that they would sit near me. I started to fantasize with having a name tattooed on my boob. A nice name, like Liz or Amanda or something like that. If I had a girlfriend I would tattoo her name on my boob. But wait, I was fantasizing about having a girlfriend.

    It took severa months but one day I said hi to them and asked them how long they had lived in that part of town, told them about my apartment and that the people were stiff and never said hello. We said hello after that and one morning before they got off the bus the older girl asked me if I wanted I could come to a ladies night at this bar on Friday night. I went and they were there, dressed different but still kind of sort of like they dressed to go downtown, except that the younger girl's dress was awesome and she was prettied up. She looked beautiful and sweet.

    I sat with them and talked and the older girl asked me if I wanted to meet someone because she had a friend she had told about me and wanted to bring her over. Her friend was little bigger than I imagined, bigger than me she had a nose ring. We were in a booth and she sat beside me and talked and she got closer and touched my leg and asked me if I was attached. She ordered for me and was soon touching my hand and put her arm around the back of the seat of the booth and asked me if I wanted a kiss because she wanted to kiss me.

    The kiss was small, a small short kiss on the lips. Later when the bar was full there were girls dancing and she asked me to dance. I got kissed on the dance floor and she held me against her during slow dance, she kept her hand on my waist and I kept my hand on her shoulder. She gave me her number and we exchanged addresses and where we worked, she worked downtown for an insurance company and had gone to school out of state and had a Finance degree.

    My first official date was to the Gay Pride parade. She helped me dress, picking clothes that she liked and fixing my hair the way she liked. We took the bus to go to the parade which was in a part of town I wasn't familiar with. She sat on the isle and I sat by the window, there were lots of people on the bus, couples but not boy girl couples, lots of gay men and us, I felt like the only girls on the bus were us. At the parade we walked, me holding her hand and following, we went into a couple of bars and she bought us drinks, we ended up eating at this pretty loud place she said she had heard of but had never been there. At the bus stop after we ate, the crowd was huge, she held me and kissed me for a long time. We were surrounded by people and no one cared that we were kissing. We saw a lot of other couples kissing, gay men and lesbian girls.

    I made love that night with her and spent the night. We found a place several months later and moved in and we have been living together now for a three years. When we go out we sometimes go out with the couple from my bus route to work. I've become friends with Crystal she works in Marketing so we have a lot in common and when I see her name on her lover's boob I am kind of jealous that my name isn't on my lover's boob. Fair is fair.

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    I hope to hear more, Especially if you add your Lover's Name to your boob(s). I have mine on my front and upper back!

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