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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Imagine the best form of revenge on the neighbour you hate, have control over his teenage kids.

    As promised, I'm keeping their secrets from him but at a cost. Daily stripteases from both his 18 year old son & 17 year old daughter.

    The son, fond of fitted boxers, likes to exercise, is athletic & packs well. The daughter, never matches but often laces, is a little chubby but knows her way around a cock slightly better than her brother.

    6ft 2in, blonde, 6in to a hard 8
    5ft 1in, ginger, 34C & a tight ass

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  • 1
    Never matches but often laces? Can you explain that in American English?

    What kind of secrets are you keeping that costs them daily dances and blow jobs?
  • 2
    Lace underwear but never a matching bra & knickers.

    I caught him smoking pot & her cigarettes, that and them stealing from a local store.

    Thinking about getting them to work together for me...
  • 3
    Ever think of having them fuck? Do a DP on the ginger?
  • 4
    Have you sampled all of the holes on both yet?

    When you say "getting them to work together", do you mean having them service you at the same time? Putting on a sex show for you? Renting them out to some discreet friends?
  • 5
    So after their striptease yesterday I had them put on the sex show. Once they'd had some time I had them share my cock in their mouths before joining them. Turns out they're both grateful to take some cock
  • 6
    Did they get off on fucking each other? Raise any objections? Did you have him fuck her bare?
  • 7
    We both fucked her bare. There were some protestations but they didn't last long. They seemed to really enjoy it
  • 8
    Sounds like you may have given the lad permission to do something he was already thinking about...

    Pussy for both of you or did you DP her?
  • 9
    Great story. You're living the dream. I always wanted a ginger fuck toy.

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