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    My mother is a daytime maid at the house of this rich family. They also have a full time nanny for their kids, she is a live in. My mom tells me that lots of days when she makes up the nanny's room her sheets have sex stains, but the wife's bed hardly ever has sex stains. The wife doesn't work at a job, mostly she socializes or works charity. When the kids are in school the wife and nanny spend the day together.

    And of course my mom gets paid peanuts and the nanny has a suburban for her use, she eats with the family, socializes with them, goes on vacation with them, and we don't know what her salary is but it's a lot because she is a school teacher that became the nanny after the kids were born. When my mom complains about having to clean up after her she is told that she is the maid for the whole family.

    Yeah, my mom is jealous and feels she is underpaid because she shouldn't have to be the maid for the help.

    Personally I don't get rich people. They treat me all right and when I was young they always sent gifts for my birthday and Christmas and they paid for me to go to a private prep school and are paying my college at Nortwestern. I always get a hug and they are happy to see me, but still I am the maid's daughter, I always have to remember I am not family. I don't feel comfortable sitting in the den with them when my mother is in the kitchen but when I am over there that's what they want me to do.

    Sorry I am just feeling down, of course I appreciate my education, I really do but I know I am not one of the family, I don't have my place at their house, like the nanny. She is family, but not me.

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    They're paying for your education at Northwestern and you're complaining ?

    Why don't you ask yourself what you want out of this situation?

    Obviously you're aware of why the nanny enjoys acceptance in the family.
    If that is what you want so bad, and you're a sexy young co-ed willing enough to use your body, start fucking the husband on the sly. You'll be amazed at the attention and acceptance you'll suddenly receive. Then tell him you'd like permission to talk to the nanny because you want to do her or the wife or both and he can watch and/or participate. Then work it the way you want it from there.

    Or else stop whining like an entitled little bitch and go study for midterms.

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    You are selecting to look at a half empty glass instead of a half full one. This is a poor choice in logic and does not help you in the slightest.
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    I can't resist asking, are you an your mother black? It seems like you have a deep inferiority complex.

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