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    Straight Female / 39

    When I was 19 I was dancing at men's clubs in the oilfields of Alberta. For extra money you met the guy out back and he got a quick one and you went back in to dance. I met a girl there and she told me that she knew of this doctor who would perform a tubal ligation on you and sterilize you so you wouldn't have to worry about being pregnant. All around us were men who were getting vasectomies and at the time it sounded like the thing to do. By then I had lost count of the number of men I had sex with, most five minute sex, but still I had the problem that I was getting fucked and a pregnancy can ruin your career.

    At 24 one of the men who came by the club and paid for me to go out back with him asked me to move with him overseas. He had gotten a job posted in South America and if I wanted to I could marry him and he would take me with him. I married him and left Canada and lived in several countries in South America and other countries as he went up the ladder in his career. Of course we never had children, he had a vasectomy so he wasn't looking for children.

    In my mid thirties I went through a depression I couldn't shake. I had been contacted by my girlfriend of my dancing days. I asked her to come out and see us while we were in Malaysia. The whole issue of getting my tubes tied came back to me. It really hit me hard, and I had to deal with my past, she had stayed in the business until she was run out and she was jumping from job to job trying to say alive. At a party that we had at out house with my husband's coworkers she got drunk and started talking about when she and I met and told everyone that we danced at clubs, at least she didn't tell everyone that we went out back for a quick fifty bucks.

    My husband told me he knew what I did, he had paid for me and decided to take me anyway, like buying a used car, you took it as is. That didn't help. I had a bust lift when I was 29 in Colombia and I still had my figure. When my husband went offshore I got into an affair with one of his employees who was stationed onshore. I went wild and pretty much gave myself to any man who wanted me. The word got back to my husband and he shipped me back to Edmonton. I needed to make money and I went back into prostitution after hours. My day job was working as a sales clerk at a cosmetic's counter in the mall.

    I am 39 years old. I am alone and I don't have much to show for my life. I wish I had stayed in my small town where I grew up and married some nobody who farmed. I wish I had never become a dancer or had never been a prostitute. I wish I had children. That is all wishes.

    If you want to know I prostitute for old men who want me to dance naked for them, most of the time the only thing they can do is watch, maybe get semi hard from a hand job or a blow job. I masturbate in front of them with various size dildos, some want me to wash the floors on my hands and knees with out any underwear on so they can look up my ass. Some do get hard enough and they do want to fuck, men who are thirty years older than me. I sit on tables so they can eat me with whipped cream or chocolate sauce, I let them see me pee and I stand behind them holding their prick while they pee. I let some men fuck me with my dildos and if they pay extra I let them fuck me in the ass with a dildo. The days of a quick fifty dollar fuck out back are just a memory. Most of the time it is a two or three hour thing with these men, they pay extra for the time. They just want a naked woman with them.

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    I understand why you wish all these different things had occured in your life, but what makes you unique are those experiences. There are things in my life I wish I had done differently, but you are special because of those choices. You have traveled more than I think I ever will. You are more than a compilation of your failures, and I am sure you will be proud of yourself again. :)

    P.S: As a 24 year old myself, let me tell you, you peak more interests than just those of old men. ;)
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    You're being way too hard on yourself.
    Who knows what your future might hold?

    Two of my ex-wives were dancers.
    The last one did private shows similar to you.
    She did pretty much whatever she wanted to.
    She was hot and sexy and I loved her.
    I had no problem with it as long as she didn't hide anything.
    It was a perk, a part of the job.
    And I never had any need to 'own' her.

    She had kids from a previous marriage that were a constant burden on us.
    That contributed to our break-up.
    Plus she found religion and quit partying.
    Suddenly she saw me as a scumbag for encouraging and supporting her before when she was dancing.
    So that was it.

    You sound simply amazing !
    Don't feel guilty or diss yourself.
    You've lived your life the way you wanted to.

    Sure you've made mistakes.
    But I'd be honored to be a part of your life.
    I'd love to have a wife again does private shows like that.
    If you came to Dallas where I live, I'd marry you in a heart beat, baby !

    My email is [email protected]@@@g***l.**m
    I'm the real deal. Would love to hear from you.
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    When you are old you will see how much you could have done at 39, still young, with good choices. Make good, positive, constructive choices and build a new life. Forget the past except for any lessons you can take from it. The past is gone and no longer exists.
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    Number 2 here again.
    Ditto for what #1 and #3 commented.
    You should try a new and positive environment.
    Speaking from past experience, the men's clubs here in Dallas would kill to have an experienced dependable pro dancing for them, someone who knew what she was doing, was punctual, and was an example to the younger more-flakey girls.
    You'd make top $$ too.
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    Do you enjoy anal ?
    Do you swallow cum or let it dribble over your pert nipples
    Is your clit big or small ?
    Do you have large piss flaps ?
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    mmhmm.. So, all that baring of your soul merely attracts people to label you as yet another foolish scumbag who has no notable accomplishments & pretty much wasted her life. When I look at the larger picture however, you well represent & set a accurate profile for what women were created for ; to please & amuse men throughout their life.
    Here's to say if you continue your protocol, which fundamentally should be one for most women, it's a task well done and you will be accomplished.

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