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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 36

    There is a 33 year old neighbor who has been living near my house for about 4 years. He and his wife divorced last year and she and his son moved away. He was finally arrested last month for exposing himself to many of the neighborhood girls, my 13 year old daughter being one of them. Over the last few weeks I got many more details of what went on. Eventually I had my daughter admit she and many of her friends took pictures of him as they intentionally peeked into his windows. My daughter wasn't smart enough to delete the pictures and videos from her phone. My husband and I both watched them as did the police. Its been going on from at least last spring and its very obvious this guy knew those girls were watching him. As far as I know there were about 7 or 8 girls aside from my daughter who would sneak onto his yard and watch him. It was always in his family room but he was always naked in the pictures and videos. The worst thing is my daughter alone had 23 pictures of him naked and 11 videos of him masturbating. When I asked her how often he did that she said almost every time they peeked in. So far I found out that the oldest girl is 14 but the youngest one is only 10 and it wasn't just my daughter who took pictures and videos of him. I never knew him well but did talk to him several times over the years and did know and see his wife many times. He seemed like a normal type guy and I would never think he would be such a scum to expose himself to young kids. I haven't seen him since he was arrested and the lights are never on at his house since the took him away. I know the girls were on his property but there are no fences in the back of the properties. I'm furious with my daughter after having her confess she had been peeking in at this guy a couple times a week for almost 6 months. Her one friend told her about it and the next thing she knew there were a lot more watching this guy. I just hope he is still in jail and stays there for a long time.

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    Ok, so just to be clear, did he actually expose himself to the girls or is the spat over the girls taking pictures of him nude inside his house?

    If he was exposing himself outside the house, sure I get it, he deserves to pay.

    But if the fuss is over the pictures, he was in his house and has the right to do whatever he wants. Regardless the girls are also breaking the law, you cant take pictures or videos of people without their permission, at least thats the law in my state.
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    That's the law in every state, unless he is outside.
    Don't know what state you live in, but this guy was NOT breaking the law.
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    Fuck you. They were on his property. Hope he sues
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    So, kids were taking photos and videos of a man in the privacy of his own home, he hasn't done anything wrong, you and the other parents should not only punish your kids for invading HIS privacy, you should all be apologising to him.
    They have trespassed to take these illegal images. I hope as others have said, he sues the lot of you.
    He isn't the pervert, the kids are or spying on him.
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    Remember people, in any given sexual scenario its always the man who is at fault. Thats what makes the court system such a breeze!
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    Yeah if I was as low as the poster I would say that I hate living in a world with people like that. Iâm naked in my home as well as everyone else. The parents of these kids wasnât keeping an eye on their kids. He was wrong if he knowingly exposed himself to them but women expose themselves but only a few can look without being called a pervert. Hope he fucks her daughter.....HaHaHa

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