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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was a typical guy in the 80's. Sports, girls, sports, and girls. If any guys appeared feminine in any way we usually made fun of them at least among ourselves. We never bullied anyone, that was wrong, but we would talk. The world wasn't so PC then.

    As I got older sex at home got boring, routine, ykwim. The Mrs was never interested. We were always busy with the kids, in-laws, work, etc. Sex and me was always at the bottom of the list. Then the internet comes along. Porn, Craigslist, crazy stuff I'd never seen before, gay stuff, bi stuff, dress up, etc. Of course anything new seems to catch your eye and is exciting.

    The wife would be gone and I'd see her bra in the laundry, would bring it in and JO with it. Then her panties. Eventually I'd slip them on. They felt soft and sliky, a thousand times better than our guy underwear. Pretty soon it got to be a regular thing. I'd slip on her silky stuff and JO. Then one week she was out of town and I got tired of her stuff never fitting, so I went to a store with self checkout so I wouldn't be embarrassed in front of a clerk and bought some stuff I thought might fit me. Went home and tried it on and wow, it was hot, I came like never before.

    After that I'd wear my stuff whenever I could, even bought some VS panties and wore them all the time. I knew I couldn't hide the panties from the wife so I told her about how much better women's felt, which is true. I was surprised she was actually on board with it and had wanted me to get rid of my tighty whities for some time. She wasn't real crazy I was buying VS, so I found some Chinese companies that make men's panties that are pretty much clones of women's but are tagged and marketed for men.

    That's when Craigslist came along. I took and few pictures and put up an ad and the response was unbelievable. I couldn't believe so many people wanted to have sex. I was nervous and couldn't pull the trigger but finally the opportunity came along when I'd be home alone and a decent guy talked me into getting together.

    I had on a white bra, panties, and thigh hi's. As soon as he came in I took off my sweats I had over them and he immediately got hard. We went downstairs and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he started moaning and I could feel his cock start to throb so I pulled off and jacked him off all over my face. We got together several more times after that and I eventually let him cum in my mouth. He loved it. He turned out to be pretty self centered and only cared about his sex so I cut him loose.

    After that there were a couple of others. Finally a guy I talked to seem like a really decent guy, we hit it off pretty good and he came over, once we got nude and started touched I sucked him for awhile and he begged me to let him fuck me. I was really horny but very nervous, but said yes. I put a condom on him, I had bought some just in case, and he slid his cock in me very slowly. When the head popped in and hurt for a bit but felt so good, I though I was going to cum right then. He stopped and let me get used to it, then started moving it in and out very slowly.

    After only about 2 or 3 minutes I could feel him getting harder and his cock started throbbing and he says "OMG I'm going to cum!!!" He started pumping faster then rammed it in all the way and grunted and moaning. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me and feel the condom filling up. After staying like that a few minutes we collapsed on the bed and he started apologizing "I'm sorry I came so quick, I couldn't hold back!!!" I said dont worry about it, it's flattering you couldn't hold back. We met a couple of more times then we lost touch.

    The last guy I remember I met because he was a professional guy in the banking business. We chatted for a long time and I got to know him, he was married, even told me his name, where he worked, lots of personal information. I looked him up and it was all true, his picture was on the banking website as an officer. He had been tested and I knew was safe. I sucked him off a time or two, he begged to fuck me but I wouldn't let him, but finally I decided I would.

    One weekend our families were both going to be out of town so he rented a hotel room. I dressed up in a white bra, panties, and thigh hi's with sweats over them and went to the hotel. When I came in there was another guy there, an Oriental guy, which surprised me. My friend said "Don't worry I've known ______ for a long time, we've been friends forever". We all stripped down and their hands were all over me. I was on my knees switching from one cock to the other while they were playing with me and grabbing my ass.

    Finally my friend spun me around and started lubing my ass and put on a condom. I said "we can do it without it this time but only you, I will suck your friend". So he got behind me and slowly started working it in and out. I pulled his friend in front of me and started stroking his cock, he already had pre cum running down it. My friend start fucking me faster and I put the other guys cock in my mouth and started sucking him.

    We would speed up for awhile, then slow down so they wouldn't cum too soon. My friend was telling me how hot it was that I would give up my ass to him. That seemed to turn they both on, and he started fucking me harder and deeper. Finally we heard him scream out "I'm going to cum!!!" and he drove it as deep as he could and I could feel his cock spasm and squirt inside me. I could just feel warmth and a full sensation and feel it running out of my ass and down my thighs.

    That sent his friend over the edge. He grabbed my head and forced his cock as far as he could put it in my mouth and started cum down my throat. I tried to pull away but he just held my head and filled my mouth and throat with cum so I had to swallow it so I could breathe. We fell on the bed and laid there for awhile, my friend's cock still in me. He finally went soft and his cum was flowing out of my ass, they both started looking at it saying how hot it was.

    We stayed and played a while longer and they came again, but not as intense as the first time. We met a couple of more times then he got busy with work and so did I and we lost touch. Now Craigslist is gone, it was fun while it lasted...

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    Cock sucking , ball draining Gaylord.
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    Lol. Clever. I used to say stuff like that too.

    Dont like it, dont read it...
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    Sites like CL still exist. The fun doesn't need to end. Hell, love to give you some "fun" myself. Though, prefer to have you cum, too.
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    I get my fun too, dont be fooled. Lol.
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    It's always sort of sad to loose tough with a nice cock. I know about double list dot com... but don't know of any others except for Silver Daddies. I don't have much success there. Any suggestions? I am 75, white, married and an avid cock sucker. Still an anal virgin but -- very curious. Northeast Louisiana.
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    Hot story. I doubt I will ever do anything involving more than 1 guy as I recently met another attached guy who was so relieved to have met another attached guy that we're both very satisfied. He has a great cock, and I'm willing to let him fuck me any time we can arrange to get together.

    I always knew I wanted to try bottoming, but never met anyone with whom I clicked, and who isn't gay. We both have our straight lives, but he has always felt the desire to have a buddy he can fuck and I've had the same, but to receive. The fact that he's got a great cock helps too.

    With women I'm dominant and love licking, sucking, and fucking them, every which way. Each time I'm at the gym I see women I want to fuck, but never look at guys the same way. He's said the very same thing. I've always known I was hetero-flexible (if that's a thing), but it's been great to have all sexual needs fulfilled.
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    I know exactly what you mean, I'm the same way. I found a straight couple to play with. That keeps me out of trouble, lol.

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