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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was 11 there was a local girl who I'd heard rumours about from other boys who said she was a bit mad, She was older than me she was about 15 and we will call her pearl to protect her real name, One evening about six I was the last kid left in the play park on the swings, As I swung slowly back and forth Pearl appeared and walked over to me and started chatting she seemed ok to me so i stayed and talked with her, She started to push me gently on the swing from the front by reaching between my legs and grabbing the seat , Her hand would brush against my crotch and she would give an odd little smile, After a while she kept hold of the seat and asked if i wanted to see something very cool, I nodded and she lead me across a nearby field into a small wooded area , She told me to watch as she lifted her skirt showing me her panties I remember they were lilac coloured she pulled the waistband out and told me to look inside I looked to see hair down there I'd never seen what a girl looked like before and I became curious, She let go of her panties and skirt and said it was my turn and she started to undo my jeans and pull them and my underpants down, Her hands were all over me including my bum asking if i liked this or that and she started stroking my penis as she took my hand and shoved it up her skirt and told me to rub her there, Dumbly I did as she asked my mind a whirl of all these new feelings as I started to get hard,Suddenly I giggled and told her that she had peed herself as her knickers were wet, She laughed and told me she hadn't but it was because I made her feel good and it made her get wet and it was ok with that she took her knickers off and showed me by opening herself and telling me to feel how wet she was I was amazed at how wet and soft she felt, She then knelt in front of me and told me to relax and keep still then she suddenly started to lick my penis at first I flinched as I thought she was going to bite me but I relaxed quickly as it felt really good as she pulled my foreskin back and Licked the head before she started to suck me, I saw her hand was up her skirt and moving around a lot and she was breathing very loudly , Suddenly I wanted to pee urgently I told her but she just sucked me harder and rubbed herself faster, I felt my whole crotch tingle and my stomach tighten as my whole body stiffened it felt so good I didn't want it to stop at all, As I relaxed she stopped and asked if i liked it naturally I said yes and she slowly pulled my underpants and jeans up for me, While she put her knickers back on she asked if i wanted to do it again the next day I said yes straight away but before we left the wooded area she made me swear never to tell anyone about what we had just done and I did and I really meant it too, She arranged to meet me at the swings at the same time and with a wave she was gone headed for home, The next day I was at the swings eagerly waiting but Pearl never came or the next day, Then I heard my Mother talking to her freind about Pearl she had been taken into care as her Uncle and Father had been having sex with her, I never saw her again but finally after all these years I can now tell the tail of a lovely girl.

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    Then you woke up with your head in your burger in your basement surrounded by wanked in tissue paper
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    #1 Where you there?..No you wasn't so your opinion is worth absolutely nothing to me Troll.

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