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    Gay Male / 48

    I have been a welder in the construction trades for over 30 years. Since I was a youngster in Montana I always wanted to be around construction sites. My father was a university professor and he was totally against the idea and did everything within his power to keep me away from it.

    It took me a good while to understand what attracted me to being around construction sites. It wasn't really the equipment, all though that does turn me on. It was the men. Even as a youngster I liked the men. We lived near the campus that my father taught and there was a whole lot of construction going on in and around campus at the time. I would spend my afternoons out there watching from the sidelines.

    One man, who knows how old he was that drove a bull dozer would say hi to me and one day he asked me if I wanted to get up on the bull dozer and try it out. He climbed up first and pulled me up and I sat between his legs on the seat, he held me tight with his legs and hugged me to him with his arms. His hand fell between my legs to pull me up to him and he held me like that, he asked me if I liked that and I told him I did and he told me he liked it too. While he held me he kissed my cheek and told me he thought I was a good looking young man.

    When we were back on the ground he shook my hand and told me that anytime I wanted to get back on the dozer to let him know, but that I didn't need to tell anyone that we were friends. That was that. During those weeks that part of the construction phase went on he was my friend and he let me hang around and he showed me how to pee into the dirt. He told me not to be embarrassed about my dick, to whip it out and feel the breeze and we peed together out behind the construction shack. He sucked my dick a couple of times and let me touch his dick once. When his job was done and he told me had to leave because he was going to work on another site I felt hurt.

    As I grew older I hung around construction sites, buildings, roads, whatever and one day this foreman asked me if I wanted a job, I could be gopher. I got my first job, technically I was fifteen but we said I was sixteen and I worked as a gopher after school.

    I was seventeen, by then I had worked several jobs for the foreman as they went from building to building on campus. At this one job I met a guy who was in his early twenties and he got me to drink beer with him and he sucked my dick. I sucked his dick. He fucked me. It was that easy. The word got back to the foreman that he had fucked me and the foreman told me that I had to leave, he didn't want any trouble.

    I got a couple of jobs at other construction sites working my way up bit by bit. From time to time I met up with a guy who wanted his dick sucked. One of those guys was a welder and it was with him that I had sex in a bed in a motel room. He had a lot of experience and it was my first experience with all out sex. I liked it and went back with him to the motel several times. He was the first to call me a faggot, he liked getting blown and he liked to fuck. I found out with him that I was a bottom. He gave me the advise about getting a licensed trade and I went to welding school and became a welder myself.

    I enjoy the company of men. I mean being around lots of men. Over time I have had several lasting relationships and many more one night stands. I don't look the part when I am at a bar, but I am definitely the bottom guy. I do not like to top. I have not been disappointed with my trade, my father went to his grave never understanding why I didn't go to college. I never let on to him that I liked men, I always told him the reason I didn't get married was because I never met a woman who liked me enough to marry me. The truth is I never dated a woman.

    From time to time I get nostalgic of those days when the university was being built up and I would go hang out around the construction sites after school. I never dreamt of being a college kid, I always wanted to one of those men on the construction site.

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    I got a hard on. My exposure was in the military. It was you are going to like it or else, I liked it so I never found out what the or else was. I am a twenty two year veteran Police officer and nothing gets me hotter than a construction guy getting on top.

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    So basically the only crack you like welding Is male bumcrack with a big sloppy brown arsehole at the centre, dripping with man cum. Do you mig it ? Flux core it ? Or stick it ? Ps. Gaylord.
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    Thanks for sharing. I also got a hard on. 75 here, married, love sucking cock.
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    I am a 68 yo grandfather who is happliy married and been bisexual my entire life. I work in the heavy equipment industry and travel a lot. When I became salesman/consiltant I started traveling all over the country. I have enjoyed more male sex with ownwers, managers, supervisors, foremans, operators and grunts in the highway/road construction/repair industry than any screaming queen has ever got in gay bars or cruise areas. Not to mention, we all look like, act like, smell like men and majority were/are married.
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    Cannot say that I was surprised by your story since I have been around construction sites for over twenty years. I realized at a young age that many adult men enjoy sucking dick or getting their dick sucked by another man or fucking a young man up the ass. While I was still a virgin with females I dicovered the joy of sex with men. The very first man I fooled around with couldn't get enough of sucking my dick. He was married, to boot.


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