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    My friend and I were running home in the rain when this car stopped and offered us a ride. The guy told us to get in and get out of the rain, he would drive us home. We got in, I got in the front seat and my friend in the back. He asked us where I lived and he took us home. When we got to the house he stopped me from getting out of the car and told me that I should never get in a car with a stranger. I was eleven years old.

    I ran into him several times as I grew older, he worked at this bank and the town was small and I always remembered him and he remembered me. One afternoon I ran into him at the supermarket, I had a my bag of cosmetics and a magazine and he offered to take me home. I got in the car with him and he told me again that I should never get in a car with a stranger. I answered that he wasn't a stranger and he asked me what if he wanted to take me off to someplace and have his pleasure with me. I told him to take me and have his pleasure with me.

    We drove to this house and he parked in the garage and we went into the house. He sat in a chair and told me that he wanted to see if I was ripe enough, he wanted good sized tits a round ass and furry bush and if I wasn't ripe he was taking back to the supermarket and exchange me for a ripe girl. I got undressed, taking all my clothes off and he asked me to turn around for him, he asked me if I had ever gotten dick because once I started I wasn't going to give it up. He got up and took his clothes off and he took me back to his room and we had sex. We stayed on the bed afterwards naked, he took his time asking me to play with his dick, and he played with my pussy and tits. We had sex again before we went and got our clothes in the living room and he drove me home.

    We fucked so much, we would agree on where to meet, he would pick me up and we went to his house and we fucked. He really liked fucking me and I really liked being fucked. I got to the point that being naked with him was natural, letting him touch me felt good and I let him touch anything, including my little butt hole when he kissed me. I dreamt about being married to him, living with him, having kids. When I was at his house I pretended I was his wife. He was very careful and we made sure I didn't get pregnant.

    By the time I was ready to go to college he told me to go to college, and find a young guy who could fuck and become his girlfriend. I told him I was never going to fuck with anyone else. I spent my college years without a college boyfriend, going back home and going over to his house to be with him. He is uncomfortable with me being so attached to him and he remind me that he is a confirmed bachelor and he is too old to get married. I listen but don't pay attention.

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