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    Straight Female / 38

    Earlier this year my husband and I separated for a short while. It was after a regular themed argument over his lack of interest in sex.

    During the separation, one of my son's friends Alex who's now twenty called round to see my son. He'd gone out, hence Alex catching me with a vibrator in my pussy and two fingers sliding into my ass.

    It was a compromising position and an embarrassing one too. But it turned into some of the most dirty, most intense and absolutely wonderful sex of my life.

    Alex didn't turn away or suggest I cover up. Instead he walked over, stripped naked in front of me and revealed his very large, extremely erect thick cock. Telling me to get down and suck him, he practically dragged me off the sofa, and forced his cock into my mouth.

    Straight away he began to fuck my face and began telling me he'd always wanted to fuck me. My pussy was already dripping wet from the vibrator which had slipped out as I was forced to the floor. So when his cock began to pulse, and he spun me around plunging his cock into my pussy from behind, it slid in easily. Much easier than I'd have thought given his huge cock size.

    The fact I'd been finger fucking my asshole hadn't passed Alex either, as he then popped two fingers up my back passage. It was only then I began to think how surreal it all was. Only minutes before I was in my own home enjoying a wonderful masturbation time alone. And then minutes later my son's best friend was fucking me, and telling me as he did, how he knew he'd one day fuck all my holes.

    And all of my holes he did fuck over the next twenty minutes. After making me orgasm the first time, he slid his pussy cream coated cock out of my quivering hole and straight up my ass. The sensation was utterly mind blowing and for the first time ever in my life I had a second climax right after the first. It was so strong an orgasm, I slumped forward and his cock slipped out.

    Lifting my head by my ling brunette hair, he rammed his cock into my mouth and told me to take it all. Gagging at first, I took nearly his full length. Then when he began to buck hard, I withdrew his cock, lay on the couch and put my legs right back over my head.

    Alex told me I was kind of slut he loved, then plunged his cock back into my asshole. Fucking me madly for only a couple of minutes, he strained a few more times and then I felt his cock erupt up my rear hole.

    He flopped over me as his cock pumped his semen into my bowels, then leaned right in to kiss me. It was so unexpected I found myself pulling back, but Alex moved my legs wide apart, sliding out of my ass, and then leaned in to kiss me again. His cock was still rock solid as it slipped into my pussy. So still kissing passionately, we fucked to a slower rhythm. He ground into me and I pulled him deeper into my body, squeezing his tight ass cheeks at the same time.

    By the time my son returned home, Alex and I had showered and were drinking coffee. We acted as though he'd just arrived, but I could my son sniffing the air. It was I knew the smell of sex and human fluids he could sense, yet he didn't say anything.

    The following morning my son asked me if his dad had been round. I lied and said he had earlier before Alex got there. Smiling he said "Oh, I guessed as much".

    It was another two weeks before my husband moved back from his father's home. In between Alex and I first having sex, to him moving back in, Alex and I fucked at least another half dozen times. Each time becoming more and more sexualised. The rough on point sex was such a thrill, I found myself craving his body and cock. But most of all I craved how he fucked me. He used me, he took what he wanted from my body by fucking so hard and so roughly, I felt like I had to challenge myself to meet his demands. Which to me only added to the intensity of the sex.

    My husband and I are working through our difficulties, and I am trying to allow for his smaller thinner cock. But.... but I have to say I'm still taking Alex's beautiful cock as much as time and our lives allow. I've tasted forbidden fruit and it's so sweet and ripe for me, I doubt now I'll ever be pleased with my husband's attempts to satisfy me sexually.

    Leavin g him I guess is my only recourse. And in that, as soon as my son finishes his education, I will. For now I'm snatching those amazing times with Alex and enjoying each and every second he fucks me.

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    You know Alex views you as a convenient cock warmer and cum dump, right? The thrill for him is pussy on demand and getting over on your husband and son.

    I hope you have a plan that doesn't include him and his big dick. As soon as you're free, he will be gone and you'll be an almost 40 year old slut haunting the bars in search of an arrogant rough fuck that will hang around longer than one night.

    Good luck with that.
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    Yet another bullshit story from a fat slob pretending to be a woman .
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    #2 just like you, couple of weeks ago.
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    #3 the truth hurts you pathetic fat prick.
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    yep. pure bullshit fantasy.
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    #4 I know! That is what me and everyone else have been trying to tell you. Everyone knows you are hurt as fuck after people caught you pretending to be a 28 year old woman. You even wrote a butthurt whiny post about it, don't you remember?

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