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    Straight Female / 39

    Maybe because we'd both had a religious upbringing, I didn't think about anal sex at all. My husband who's more religious than me, definitely wouldn't entertain anal sex.

    Every so often, even when we dated, my husband takes a sabbatical from any form of sexual pleasure. It's his way, he says of cleansing himself spiritually. From Easter through to Christmas this year, he's taking one of his breaks.
    Only weeks after he started his abstinence from sex, I began to suddenly crave orgasms.

    Masturbating as often as I could, I soon began to use the handle of a hair brush up my vagina. Then during one very horny Sunday afternoon with my husband still at church, with the brush handle flashing in and out of my sex, it slipped and entered my asshole.

    Straight away the feeling was one of sheer and utter joy. I could not believe just how awesome it felt to be taking the handle up my rear hole. Continuing to thrust the hair brush up my ass, I had such an amazing orgasm, I actually cried afterwards.

    Ov er the next few weeks I used the brush over and over again up my ass, and each time it became more and more intense when I climaxed. So much so, I went onto the internet and ordered a dildo. Only the young man who delivered the half opened package, said I'd be better with his cock.

    He was right. It's one thing to have an inanimate object giving me pleasure, but I broke every rule, every sacred vow when I allowed that young man to have sex with me. I still craved sex and not only the actual thrusting of a carnal object to take me to orgasm. I missed the closeness of a horny and desired man. And to be brutally honest I missed the feel and scent of an erect cock.

    The young man wasn't even as large as the dildo I'd ordered. But his wonderful way of licking my pussy and my asshole soon had me climbing the walls with desire, for him and his manhood. In all I orgasmed five times having sex with him, most of which was enjoyed by his cock driving me to sexual nirvana up my ass. I knew also it had an added beefit of when he did finally cum inside of me, I wouldn't bearing his child. Something my husband cannot provide for me.

    The young delivery man was a one off. I made sure of that with him and told him so. The dildo has had lots and lots of use and I adore using it to this day. I have strayed once again more recently though. And that was with a guy who I knew from my college days. Someone back then who desperately wanted to have sex with me. His penis is by far the largest I've ever had sex with. And I wanted to at least try anal sex once with a guy who's cock measure more than my husbands six inches.

    He's so cool about us meeting up for sex and never pressures me in any way, so much so, that I know when we do meet at the motel, it's definitely going to stay secret. He's married too and see's our liaisons as a way to fulfill his desires, and also knowing I enjoy anal sex, something his wife won't allow with his large penis.

    I'm not sure what will happen after Christmas when my husband hopefully regains his sexual desires back. But with each sabbatical he takes, our sex life diminishes afterwards. That could be his age (48) or his religious beliefs. But I know one thing for sure, now that my sexual awakening had happened, I'm not going back to hardly any sex, no sex for a period of time, and definitely not missing out on the wonderful amazing anal sex I'm now having.

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    A fat desperate male slob wrote this story . Not a female spunk skip who likes it in the shit Shute

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