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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    I grew up with five siblings and little money. My mother stayed home and my father worked at the window factory in town. We lived in small house, the boys in one room in bunkbeds and the two girls in the other room in a queen bed that used to be our parent's bed. I treated my sisters pretty bad and more than once I stripped their clothes off to see them naked. They complained to our mother and she would tell them not to let me. She never told me not to do it.

    My sister was thirteen and she started wearing a bra and she bragged about having gotten her period. In the bathroom was this box of Kotex and one day I asked her how she put them on. She went through this whole thing about how since she was a girl it wasn't that hard because she didn't have a dick, she just put them on with this belt thing with four clips hanging down which held the Kotex in place. I had sat down on the toilet seat while we talked and she held the box of Kotex and I asked her to show me her pussy but to let me see because she always closed her legs when I tried to look. She closed the door to the bathroom and lifted up her dress and pulled her panties down and let me look and touch her. Her pussy was all covered in hair and that day she stood still but didn't open her legs or anything, that happened later that night after we were ready for bed and she opened her legs and she let me look at her pussy with her legs open.

    After that we became close, she looked at and played with my dick, she sucked my dick and I played with her pussy and it wasn't too much later that we were having sex, complete intercourse out in the shed behind the house. I remember my dick being so hard it ached and her pussy was so wet that my dick slipped in and she gave me instructions on how to do it with her. Half way through fucking she would get her tits out and scrunch them in her hands and pinch her nipples. Being a girl she knew about getting pregnant and we practiced the withdrawal method until she got older and got on the pill. We kept it up for a long while, well into our twenties. We were exclusive, neither one of us had sex with anyone else. It was a true romance between us.

    We are now in our mid fifties and the other day she was in the kitchen when I walked in and she told me that she could really use a titi hug. To us a titi hug was getting behind her and holding her by the tits. She has always had tits, and holding her brought back those feelings, I gave her a long titi hug and slipped my hand down between her legs for old times sake. She likes having her pussy rubbed and we stood there for the longest time while I felt up her pussy and got a hard on doing it. We thought about fucking but we shied away from it but that doesn't mean that for a moment there we were both ready for it. I don't think your body ever forgets the woman that you hold when you have sex as a kid. I think it is imprinted in you because it always feels so good to hug her and hold her and she lets me run my hands all over her forbidden parts.

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    For the love of god get your fat disgusting lazy ass out of your moms basement and get a job instead of jerking off all day to replys to your sick fantasys. You are not normal you gross slob
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    #1 and you are here once again reflecting your own experiences to other people. Must be a shitty life when reading other people living a life and you can only watch it through the basement window. Put your dick in your pants and go out.
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    I was about 8 or 9 & my sister was two yrs younger. Our parents friends had a son about 14 and he would sit with us when my parents went to a movie. He began to pull out his dick & let us hold it. Then him & me would have my sister pull down her pants so we could examine her pussy. When I was 15, my sister was 13. Our parents went away for 5 days and we were together in our flat being supervised by my aunt & uncle in the upstairs flat. Being bored we started to wrestle, of course I would pin her down feel her budding breasts and cup her pussy over her pants. Eventually while wrestling we'd end up in a spoon position with my right arm under her up her blouse feeling her tits & my left hand down her pants cupping her pussy that was sprouting hair. We never discussed it but at times when we visited relatives & got bored we found a way to go to the bathroom together together where she would show me her pussy and she would hold my dick.

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