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    Straight Female / 32

    Like a lot of things in my life my first sexual experience was businesslike. It happened after I had started work, I was the new member on the internal audit team and he was the supervisor. I went with him on my first out of town audit to one of the distribution centers, these were one day audits but you flew in the night before and did the audit the next day and flew home that night. I took a small carryon bag with me and so did he, we met at the airport and we had seats next to each other. Being stuck side by side for a couple of hours we talked for the first time and I got his background and I gave him mine. The conversation deteriorated and somehow he probed into my sexual experience and I told him I was proud to still be a virgin and I had not met the right guy for that yet.

    That night at dinner he suggested that we should not lose the opportunity and that night I could give up the past and get on with the futre, have sex and get it behind me. It had to happen some time, so why not that night. Incredibly I agreed and after dinner we went back to my room at the motel, he told me how to get on the bed and he got off his clothes and for the first time in my life I laid spread eagled naked on a bed and a guy got on top of me and wham bam it was in and he was off to the races and then it was all over. No stop watch, but it was so fast I never got aroused. But the object of the event was to get me past being a virgin, so it was a success.

    We worked together and he was my supervisor and he had a steady girlfriend so it was a once only thing. He had helped me out. It was several months later that I was a party with some friends, I met a guy and let him take me to his place and I had sex for a second time. It was not good, he was hard on me, and we never even got our clothes off. I asked him to take me home right after it was over. It was my second one night stand. I had a third and then a fourth and soon I was practiced in meeting guys mostly at after work bars, getting picked up, taking them home or going with them to their place or hotel and having another one night stand. I had my routine, I talked to them first to find out if there was any chance that they were infected with something, I was by then on the pill and careful about not missing a day with the pill, I usually sat on the bed and examined their penis first before sucking them to get hard and laid back and had them get on and go to town, get off, get dressed and go home or kick them out. No sleepovers, no second times, a quickie before going to bed on the weekend.

    I turned 30 and still was not attached to anyone guy, I was doing my thing. My girlfriend from college was living in town by then and she was hard on me for the one night stands, worried that I would get hurt. Well it happened, I let a man pick me up at this wine bar that I went to after work. He was strong, what I remember is that he was strong. He pushed me onto the bed in his hotel room and held me down with his hand on my chest. He told me he wanted something tight and I was going to give it to him. I thought to myself well no one had ever complained about me not being tight, but that was his thing so go with it. I took my underwear off and let him feel me up pretty rough, he stood up and told me to turn over and I got butt fucked so bad, it hurt so bad, when I complained I got another hard smack on my butt cheek, I tried to roll over but he pushed me down hard with his hand, he ran his finger deep inside my butt and then slapped my butt really hard and got his penis in all the way.

    When he was done he told me to get dressed and get out and how much for the fuck. He peeled off a hundred dollars and gave them to me while I got dressed and I left and never went back to that wine bar. My girlfriend was right, one night I was going to get hurt. Paying me made it worse, I am sure it justified his feelings for forcing me to have butt sex. I have no intentions of having butt sex again. I am day dating a man but have not let him have sex with me yet. We have gone out on a double date with my friend, but no one goes home with anyone. I know that I have to let him soon, I told myself I will go out with him three times on evening dates before I let him have sex with me. Actually when I do have sex with him he will be the second man I know that I have sex with, my supervisor on my first job and him. Everyone else has been a stranger I have never seen them again.

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    Did the sex get better during the one night stands? Were there any in the mix that made you cum? I ask because your first two or three encounters you described seemed highly mechanical and unsatisfying.

    If it did get better for you, what flipped your switch? Patience? Endurance? Size?

    And, since you originally posted this in October, have you consummated the relationship with the guy you were dating? Is it good sex with him?
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    I had a boyfriend that suddenly got mean and demanding like that. I broke up with him after he basically r**ed me. He got nice again and got me to take him back. Things were going nice when he flipped and basically r**ed me hard and mean again. He hurt me more than last time so I broke up with him for good. I moved on, married, had kids and now I miss him and crave really rough sex. I've had enough of making love. Now I crave being used. It sucks. My husband won't try that with me. I feel like a freak asking for it.

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