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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I got divorced at 22 from my 38 year old husband. The pre-nup left me with nothing, he moved out of town and I was left penniless. I started dancing at a strip club and gave lapdances then as most girls did, I let guys fuck me for the cash. I was making a lot of money, and one girl was leaving to go with a high end service. I went with her. We did girl on girl shows, then let the guys take us in whatever way they could. Since I did it with women and men I got more calls than most girls did. I also did anal which got me some more calls too. After a while I got several regulars, about 8 older men; all but one married, and 3 older women between 50 and 65. I got a call to a hotel, and when I knocked on the suite door, my ex answered. He asked what I was doing there, I thought about making some excuse and leaving, but I told him why I was there. I was the girl the service sent over. He didn't object, I let him fuck me and went a second time in my ass (which I never used to let him do when we were married) and he got a great deal of pleasure paying me like a whore, and I took pleasure is taking his money for letting his unsizeable dick back into my body. He called again wanting my ass, I told him I had a previous appointment to have sex with a 58 year old widow who likes to be licked till she cries.

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    What is your number
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    Are you a big fat butch lesbian that eats lentils and wears comfortable shoes and stinks or are you a nice looking lesbian that has a neat quim that smells lush with dangling piss curtains .?? Just wondering
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    Do you enjoy your work? Any of your regulars make you cum?

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