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    My best friend asked me to help her with a lingerie party at her house. There were another six women there and it was fun and everyone had to show off what they were buying and my friend, the owner of the house, decided that she would model some of the lingerie for us, changing into several sets, getting more and more risque as the changes took place. She pushed us all into buying some lingerie that we would probably never wear, who wears that? None of the women are what you may call runway models, and panties without a crotch? And bras with holes for your nipples? But watching her wear them, or rather model them for us, strutting on the top of the dining room table, bending over to touch her toes, cupping her breasts and pinching on her nipples. Buy them, and make your man want you more. Buy them and make your girlfriend want you more. Buy them and wear them and masturbate with them. She had lotions, and several male penis toys of various sizes and colors, she swore to us she had tried them all and all of them fit, take her word for it.

    She sold a lot, some really risque stuff and some stuff that was too small for the buyer but everyone wants to have their boobs held up and everyone wants to feel her lady bits cupped by a tight thong, and some of us wanted to feel what it was like to have crotchless panties on and have our nipples poke through our bras. And some of us bought some of those male penis things, laughing as we selected which size would work best. She gave us a pamphlet on masturbation, going through each page and illustration one by one, including he illustrations on anal plugs which no one bought.

    After everyone left she came out of the room in her crotchless panties and see through nippleless bra. She had a set and asked me to go put them on and we were going to have our own private party, two bitches getting it on, masturbating, fingering and eating each other out. I am just not the type of woman for crotchless panties, and my body type is just not slim, but she helped me change into them, she pushed me on the bed and sucked my nipples and played with my pussy and ate me using one of her penis toys to fuck me. This is the difference between her and me, I just can't get up the never to do things, like wearing those panties, while she can wear them to the mall and eat my pussy before she goes.

    She has a TV in her room and she put on some of our favorite girl stuff and we made out while the show was on, stopping now and again to look at the girls fingering and fucking each other, I have always liked to watch rimming and enjoy it myself, both giving and receiving. There are a million receptors around your hole and you can gently touch her, lick her and kiss her while you finger her or play with her clit and you can excite her into an orgasm, or if she does it to you well then you get to have the orgasm. She had several butt plugs, which are not my favorites but she likes them and with plenty of lube you can pretty much fit any size, just go down on it slowly until it pops in.

    Naked women have always excited me, especially in showers or other non sexual places like saunas. I just like to look, I always have since I was very little, I like pussies and tits and ass and legs and lips and God everything, a pretty naked girl, thinking about juicing up her pussy and sucking her tits always works to help me get off while I masturbate. But, making out with my best friend, the way she eats me out, fucking me with her penis toys, gently licking my butt and rubbing my clit and boom she sends me off to Mars. She knows how to do it, she does it, she smiles and waits for me to come back to her and send her on a first class trip to Mars, I love her pussy and butt, her tits and lips, everything there is, and seeing her in those silly panties and bra just makes me want her that much more.

    Through the gr**evine we know that some of the women that buy her stuff try it on and get their man to come after them, and we hint to them that maybe they need to wear that for their best friend and find out why men like pussy so much, if they try it, maybe they will like it too. Why work so hard for a penis, when you can buy one and play around with your best friend and fly first class to Mars every time. We aren't advocating lesbianism, we are advocating fucking with your best friend, she knows what she likes and you know what you like and who better to have fun with, take a bath together, wear your lingerie for each other, get some lubricants, a penis or two, invite her to suck your pussy and you do it too. It's so much better than a plain old fuck.

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