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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 43

    I was quite naive when I got to high school. I had study hall with a nice looking Junior who eventually asked me out. We went on a few dates and the next time I went to his house were he seemed to be the only person home. We ended up messing around. We ended up fucking which was my first time. He came in a couple of minutes then said he was going to go get a drink. When he came back he had another hard on so we fucked again. This kept happening over the next couple of weeks. One day at lunch I saw him and his twin brother sitting out on the steps at school. Right then I realized that I had been fucking both of them. I was embarrassed because I thought he was just a great lover who could cum then get it right back up.

    My sister was in college and when I finally told her she said she had a plan. This time I would invite him over to our house. He arrived and we fucked like usual then he left the room to get something. While he was gone I let my sisters gay friend out of the closet. He got into a doggie style position. When he came in I said I always wanted to try it in the butt. I'm lubed up and ready for you. He was fucking away and was about to cum when I said reach down and touch my clit. When he did he got the big surprise. My sister flipped on the light and we all started laughing. He pulled out and ran away. I have wondered to this day if he ever finished his cum.

    I felt bad for the gay friend so I talked my sister into helping me jack him off.

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    have you ever met a man? this is physically impossible?

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