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    Straight Female / 39

    my fucking hour is often between 1-2pm or afternoon of horn is 4.30-5.30pm or late gait hour is 6-8pm.

    my husband is a doctor and he loves to sing horny dog songs to me and shake his cock back and forward like a mesmerising fob watch clock and he will either say "oh honey its hickery dickery cock doc time again, my cock wants to make you feel good like my woman should" or "tick tock its dick doc time" and I giggle and get horny as he wags his cock for me sometimes he has cock wagged and waggled it around for me til he was stiff singing "the cock wants what it wants spread those legs and lets get to bed" or "make love all night suck some titty you call me and I call you mr and mrs dickity-titty"

    his silly talk makes me so horny. lately he loves to look at puffy titties and he like making my tities tight and hard but also soft and puffy and psuh them inward and its so hot when he does that. so many men just concentrate of teeth on titties and nibbling but he likes to lick and smooth rub my breasts to flat puffy tops of creampie for him.

    his huge floppy cock thick and long rocking side from side mezmerrisng me with his cock, he is my dirty little secret and puffy tits and hard nipples are his dirty little secret. if he wants me to come fast and hard he will force me to come or if he wants it slow and soft we fuck all night long for up to 20 hours he has left his cock in me and I have twisted around and up and down and rode on his huge beautiful cock. I love the walls of my c**t squeezing around his shaft and he adores the feeling as well. sometimes we hold it for as long as we can and get very wet. he will lick my tits for ages and sex tease my c**t with his cock top cherry.

    some weekends we don't get out of bed and we have fucked on the kitchen table in a hotel infront of everyone at night which was great but for the table nearly breaking cuz he was shafting so heavy.

    he has me under his control and it feels great. last week we were at my parents old farm and we did what comes naturally in the hay shed. it was great feeling hay around my wet holes and as he shafted me.

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