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    My nickers were on, but only just and I pretended to be asleep. My husband still played with my breasts as he got into the bed with me. His cold hands made my nipples harden and then he slid a hand in between my legs. For the first time in I don't know how long, he was horny after returning from his late shift. Telling me my pussy was super wet, he began to finger me and made me arch backwards into him. My pussy was already sensitive, but I couldn't tell him to stop, could I. Neither could I resist him, when he removed my nickers, turned me over and slid between my legs lapping away at my creamy love hole. He made a comment about how juicy it was, and how it tasted different. But he still carried on tonguing me.
    I orgasmed, I actually orgasmed and couldn't hold back just how strong it was, telling him he'd made me cum sooo good. It spurred him on and his tiny cock slid up me in no time. I'm not sure, but around ten thrusts was all, and as usual it was all over as quick as it had begun, as he came inside of me.
    Rolling away he was going to go downstairs, but I had a wicked thought and made him go back down on me. Telling him to suck out his cum, I told him to make sure he licked and cleaned up every drop.
    He was breathing hard by the time I released his hair, allowing him to rise up as he swallowed the last remnants of my nights sex. My husband then smiled at me before he left our bedroom.
    Picking up my phone immediately, I text Chris and told my lover "Can't believe you jumped. He's just fucked me for the first time in ages (Think he knows?) I made him lick me out :). Your cum will still have been in me. He must have tongued out yours too. Can't wait until Saturday night, see you then ***x".
    This was all at the end of last month and I had to lie again about my boring night in, when I spoke to my husband the morning after. He seemed so pleased with himself. Then he asked me later if I'd been treading all over the flower bed in the back garden. Laughing not waiting for an answer, he said nothing more and drank his coffee going into his shed.
    Chris stayed over that Saturday night, and the Saturday after as my husband attended his fishing nights away. What's weird, is my husband who previous to those three nights sex, had hardly touched me sexually in nearly a year, went down on me all three times, then fucked me.
    I'm now beginning to think he knows about Chris, and it turns him on to know his wife is being fucked by another man. What else could it be.

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