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    I lost my job of twenty years due to a merger. I had never been home during the day. I networked and looked for a job but I was home during the day. There is this woman named Alicia who lives in our neighborhood. She has two kids who are in grade school and walks them to the bus stop in the morning. Since I was home I walked my ten year old to the same bus stop. One day after the kids had gotten on the bus Alicia tapped her tits and asked me if they looked real to me. She cupped her tits and told me that she didn't need to wear a bra and asked me if I was a tit or a leg man, which turned me on more.

    That was the beginning of fuck relationship with Alicia. She couldn't get enough, if she could get two fucks out of me then she got two fucks out of me, if it was just one she got just one but with a long face. She just wanted to fuck, a lot happened before fucking, kissing, massages, cock sucking, but to fuck she got on her back and became a wild woman and it was hard to keep up. If the conversation turned to her husband she shut it off, she told me once that she didn't fuck with her husband and he slept in the guest room. She never elaborated on why she and her husband slept in different rooms.

    She never fucked with anyone else, she had a sort of pride that she was a woman to only one man. Her body belonged to me, she had given it up freely and now I owned it. We talked about what was going to happen when I got another job and couldn't see her during the day. The day came when I was offered a job, much like my previous job it require a long morning and evening commute, gone from dusk to dawn. I needed the job, my severance had run out and unemployment just didn't cut it. Like most middle class couples we had a mortgage and car payments and all the other expenses. I had to take the job.

    Alicia came to my house on the following Sunday afternoon after I started my job and she said she wanted to talk about it. We stood outside and she told me that she and her husband had decided that they were getting formally divorced and he was moving on and that left her unattached for me and how was I going to take care of her. She didn't have any work skills, her husband had supported her and she had the two kids. She went on that she needed to be supported so before she got divorced she wanted to know if I was going to keep her in her house or was I going to move her to another house because she and her husband had to make plans. It took those ten minutes while she talked to realize that she wasn't kidding, she was there and she was serious.

    My wife was not aware of my messing around with Alicia while I was searching for a job. I was left with a serious problem when Alicia went back to her house, tell my wife, not tell my wife, I knew deep down inside that Alicia had meant what she had come to say. I decided to confess to my wife and take whatever she dished out. In the end my wife got me to agree to break it off completely with Alicia and not ruin my family. That was wishful thinking on both our parts.

    Alicia is now living in a smaller place that her husband gave her in the divorce, she doesn't have a house payment. She has child support and alimony. And she is not out of my life, not for one day of the week. I don't have any major financial responsibilities for her and her kids, but I have all the emotional burden for her and her kids. Somewhere between the front door of my house and the back door of my house Alicia has moved into my life, my wife has a strict curfew for me, in bed with her by ten, where Alicia fits in she doesn't want to know and she doesn't want to talk about it. And her strategy has become to drain me dry so there is nothing left for Alicia.

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