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    Straight Female / 22

    New to sex I didn't know that you never take his side of the bed. No one told me, but I learned.

    #42033 — Comments (6) — Oct 25, 2018 at 8:50 AM — That's Juicy! (1) Remove This.
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    No one told you because it's actually bullshit.
    Sure, people have they're preferences.
    But it sounds like you got your ass chewed for it.
    Dump that asshole and find a guy that will let you be you and won't give two shits what side of the bed you sleep on because the pussy you give him is so good.
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    He sounds more like an asshole than a lover. Drop that bastard now and find someone who respects you. Do not settle for any kind of abuse. I do not care what size his cock is. And you should not either.
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    Commenter #1 again.
    I agree with everything #2 said except one thing.
    Size DOES matter.
    Find the cock size you like and then leave that sumbitch.
    There are guys out there with great cocks that will let you do whatever you want so long as you give them plenty of sex too.
    Go for it.
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    Side of the bed doesn't matter as you tumble while you ding dong hard.

    He has some superstitions which he need to get rid of.Show him to a psychiatrist.Nothing wrong with you and never be submissive.There has to be mutual respect in any relationship.
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    Itâs because I donât like to get my side of the bed all wet. Thatâs what bath towels are for! So fuck Off
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    Crikey!! I thought after reading the first four comments, obviously offered by radical dims on the left, that humanity had ceased. Then I read #5 and knew sanity still exists.
    It's just given the man always selects his side of the bed & the gal respectfully honors his wish. The first four fools are clearly champions only to TWIN size and never had the priviledge to choose. BURN!!

    Look, it's commnedable that at least you know you are new to sexual realations and have much to learn girl. Forget the liberalism retardly presented here. Your vagina is just a part of anatomy just like a man's penis & testes. You'll be fine ; just always obey the man's desires and you'll find yourself suitable for many. Above all, be eager to learn what a man can teach you. You'll find your way.

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