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    Straight Female / 31

    Two years ago my husband and I who had recently married, lost all of our money, bank cards and my jewelry when traveling across one side of Barbados to the other. We supposedly lost the bag they were all in, somewhere between the airport and the place we were staying at.

    Knowing we would be able get some money wired to us after the holiday weekend, it still left us without cash or credit until the following Monday morning. At a loss I was lay by the pool of the villa we'd rented, when my husband walked up to me and said he could fix us some serious money, if.

    It took a lot of persuasion and quite a few drinks for me to say yes, but I eventually agreed to his idea. The guy who we'd hired the villa from, was actually on the island (Conveniently) and not too far from where we were. He had another two properties and was getting one of them ready for another client, I was told.
    Arriving at our villa about two hours later, I saw he was older than I thought he wold be from my husband's description. Yet he still looked very fit and quite handsome.

    Without pause or any real attempt to introduce himself other than saying his name was Delroy, he dropped his shorts and stroked the biggest thickest black cock you're ever likely to see. And it was still flaccid. My husband told me Delroy had decided, with his full agreement, if I was prepared to give up everything to him sexually, he'd fund our entire trip and give us more than enough spending money. Looking at my husband for confirmation, he knelt down, kissed me and said "It'll only be tonight honey". (I still remember those words as if they were said yesterday).
    In an instant, feeling let down, I took hold of Delroy's huge black cock and opened my mouth.

    It was the start of not only an amazing night of sordid anything goes sex, but also a whole new thinking approach to our marriage. My mind was reeling as I sucked on his monster cock and I told myself, if my husband can have another man fuck me and watch, then not only can I enjoy it and possibly have more, if I wanted it, but also take the situation back to our home town.

    Delroy was brutal in how he wanted sex and how he violently fucked me, and I suffered originally with his enormous cock. His dick stretched my mouth, my pussy and then when I thought I couldn't take his cock anymore from orgasming over and over again, my husband invited him to fuck my arsehole.

    By then my husband was wanking furiously, almost as if he'd wanted the situation all along. He came as Delroy thrust forwards with my legs over my head and entered my arse. It was painful like you would never wish on yourself. Yet it was also strangely appealing too. We'd moved over to the large outdoor lounge bed by then and I experienced over the next twenty minutes, just what it was like to be used utterly for a mans enjoyment.

    His black cock glistened in the moonlight and I knew I was close to cliamx again. Telling Delroy, he suddenly drove his cock deeper into me and fucked me like a piston. I came all over his cock and was still shuddering when the fifty four year old blew his load deep into my bowels.

    It wasn't over though, as I was lead inside and then into the shower by Delroy. With the water flowing over us, we began to kiss and he took on a whole new persona towards me. Every inch of my body was bathed by him and he even told my husband to leave us, as he got behind me, his cock risen again. Entering me from behind, he told me he was sorry for rushing me earlier, but didn't want me to change my mind. I turned my head and told that stranger, that beautiful black stallion, he could fuck me the whole holiday if he wished to.

    My husband and I did enjoy the island immensely using Delroy's money. But he and I only had sex twice that whole ten days we were there. The rest of the time I spent my late nights taking Delroy's awesome cock as much as I could and almost forgot sometimes who I was actually with.

    My husband didn't get jealous per say, but he did mention once, he wouldn't be arranging it again. It was then I knew he and Delroy had planned the whole thing all along. Still it didn't stop me from having the sexual time of my life,
    with an older man who certainly knew how to fuck a pretty white girl like me.

    Back at home, I thought over everything that had happened. And came to one very startling conclusion, Delroy wouldn't be my only large cocked black man.

    Nor has he been. I've always attended the gym since I was old enough to decide to do so without my parents say so. And it was there five months after our Barbados trip, I met Johna, a wonderfully powerful and sexy older black man. He's married like me, so we have to be cautious. Yet when we've got time and a place to enjoy ourselves, we meet up and fuck for as long as my body can take the pounding he always gives me.

    It's not set in stone we meet, but over the past eighteen months or so, we've enjoyed one another's company for sex. And Johna just so happens to originate from a beautiful island called Barbados.

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    Why don't you go for the full island experience again and charge for tapping your whore ass?
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    Mandingo experience?
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    Delroy? Oh, come on!

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