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    Straight Female / 29

    I am the middle of three sisters, we are each one year apart. Our mother was a model before getting married and always stayed fit. When we were in our preteens, 10 to 12 years old my folks purchased a home with a swimming pool. In the afternoons during the summer months we went swimming almost everyday. Our mother started to sunbathe topless and soon we were swimming topless. We never even bothered to put a top on, never even took it out to the pool. We played around with the jets in the pool and somewhere during that summer we took off everything and swam naked.

    Our father was the only male in our house and on weekends when he was home we hung out topless or naked, our Mom was always topless which my Dad liked and there was always a pinch or a little peck on her nipples.

    Those memories just seem to stay with me, we are all grown up now and we have nothing to be ashamed of but we just can't come to going topless or swimming in the nude when we go see our folks. The kids are little so that doesn't matter, but there are spouses and that gets in the way. The most I get to being naked like that is taking a long bath alone in the tub and letting the jets of the tub massage me.

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