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    Gay Male / 34

    A close encounter of the forbidden kind. New to town with a new job out of college I went to the Wells Fargo branch to open an account. The cashier behind the counter asked a thousand questions which I attributed to a sort of background check without sounding pushy. I told him where I was staying and he suggested that there were much better places and gave me the name of the complex he was living in. As the months went by and I did my banking I always tried to bank with him and we always had a nice conversation. When my six month lease ran out I went and checked out his apartment complex and rented a one bedroom overlooking one of the pools. I had a job, a little money, a nice place, a not so nice car, but I was doing OK for myself.

    My friend the cashier, I will call him Joe, showed me around the area, a couple of bars, restaurants, shopping. One evening he was over at my place before we were going to go out and he just casually dropped that he was gay. I suppose that I knew that but I had not really focused on that. I sort of said something like so what after which he turned to me and said he wanted to have a relationship with me, to go with me.

    Silence took over, he apologized and told me he thought maybe he had misread the singles but he thought that maybe I liked him. I answered telling him that yes I liked him, he was my only friend in town. He asked me straight out if I was gay and I had to answer no. That ended my relationship with him, we didn't go out together again.

    Two years later I am out with a guy from work and he suggested we got to this bar that he knew about. We went in, it was obviously a gay bar, he stood me against a wall and went over to the bar to get us a beer. We stood there drinking our beer in silence until he stepped in front of me and said he wanted to dance. I let him walk me onto the dance floor and started to dance with him, he got into it and he was a good dancer but I just couldn't do it. A slow dance came on and he put his arm around my neck and pulled me up to him and he told me to ease up because we were going to have sex that night. The kiss felt like it lasted forever.

    After going from one gay bar to another we went back to his apartment and he pushed me to take my clothes off and get on the bed. Everything that happened from that moment on was him, I hardly responded, when he wanted sex he put me in the position he wanted me to be in and he a couple of minutes later he was having sex with me. We spent the night, spent part of the day the next day together, we had lunch at this obviously gay pizza parlor, he introduced me to some of his gay friends.

    Several months into my new life I decided to see if I could find Joe from Wells Fargo. A cashier from the branch where I used to live told me where he was working so one day I went over there. He recognized me and in the short half a minute I had with him I told him he was right, he had not misread the signals. Seeing Joe was hard, whatever there was has gone away but remembering hasn't. Deep down I haven't let go of him, not even after these ten years.

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