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    Straight Female / 28

    The boss's wife, Marisa, comes in when the boss, Peter, is out of town doing deals, etc. I've gotten used to seeing her come in and hear the gossip mill, that she is in, fucking that fellow or/and that one. These men are apparently hand picked to please her and provide her with some diversion when she is in the office. I've been a loyal employee for five years so I just try to stay out of the way and keep quiet.

    Then, on her last office visit I had run out of printing ink and went to the supply room, I walked in on our young office helper, Tim, really slamming it to Marisa. They both saw me but kept going and I ducked out quickly. After five years of loyalty, the next morning there was a pink slip on my desk. I was fired.

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    Time for revenge.
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    Why would you be fired?
    Did you say something to someone you shouldn't' have?
    Because you never really said what you thought of her doing this.

    You said that these guys were hand-picked?
    By whom? Her? Her husband?

    And if you walked in on them and they didn't stop, why did you run away?
    Are you fucking any of these hand-picked guys yourself?

    Point here is your termination makes no sense because there has to be info you left out.
    Tell us about it.

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    I don't know about the poster but I once got fired for seeing something I was not
    supposed to see where my boss got rid of me, the observer. In my case
    it was company property being stolen and not a boss's wife fucking someone. When
    a supervisor wants someone out, out they go. That's my own experience and this
    poster's case is crystal clear to me. If she is GONE there is no one left to tell.
    I wonder why this is difficult for some to understand.

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