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    Straight Male / 55

    This is a message for someone I met on here on adult confessions last year.
    The name she used was maisie.

    She is 19, very sexually inquisitive.
    What was most attractive about her was she was very open and unashamed.
    She had discovered something that really turned her on and wanted to know how to proceed.

    It had happened to her at a party.
    She went with a guy she had been seeing in her home town.
    They went to a drinking party at a house where there were a bunch of his friends.
    After drinking some, he began to talk in a loud voice about how she said she had this certain fantasy.
    He brought her up in front of a group of his friends and told them how she wanted to be stripped, roughly, then paraded naked in front of a group of guys, preferably strangers, then groped and inspected like meat,
    and then passed around in a gangbang until all were done with her.
    As he said all of this, it happened right there at this party.
    She got so turned on by all of this that she immediately wanted to do it again the next weekend.

    She posted this asking if what she felt was ever felt by other women,
    and also if anyone with experience in this area help her with suggestions or encouragement so as to avoid mistakes or bad situations.
    So many comments put her down for being a slut.
    But I didn't. Because I saw her as exceptional.

    So I responded and we traded emails for about 6 months and I enjoyed it immensely and I know she did too.
    She was very sincere, very honest, and absolutely fearless to try new things.
    Being old enough to be her grandfather, and retired with my best years behind me,
    she was a breath of fresh air for me and I was a source of insight and experience for her.

    She lived half way across the world and was starting college.
    If I'd had the money, I would've gone to meet her.
    She was that special and would've been very much worth the trip.

    Then after continuing her explorations at school, one day it was done.
    No warning, no ending, just no response and then her email was gone too.
    I just hope you're ok, maisie.
    Would love to hear from you again.

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    She is a ghost.

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