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    Straight Male / 37

    I'm 37. My wife is 26. We've been married for three years. We have two kids together. Our daughter is two and our son is 3 months old. For the last two years I have been fucking her baby sister. We started when she was 16 (legal in our state) and now she is 18. We fuck every chance we get. My wife is completely uninterested in sex when she is pregnant and for a few months after. when I tell her I wants some she tells me to go and jerk off to some internet porn. When I told her sister this she just took off her clothes and asked if she was prettier and sexier than her older sister. She was by a long shot. She is WAY better looking. She looks like a cross between a teenage supermodel and a cheerleader. Actually she is a cheerleader. She goes to a private catholic high school so you can imagine how sexy she is in her school uniform with her pigtails bouncing around as she climbs on my cock and fucks me. We've kept it a secret from my wife.

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    What is the state you live in?

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