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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I don't really drink much. So when I was at a party recently I couldn't really hold my liquor. I got sick fairly quickly. There were about 30 people at the house and some others also weren't feeling too good either. I actually had to wait to use the bathroom to puke my guts out. When I finally got to use the bathroom and barely in time to avoid puking on the floor, a girl who was standing out side the bathroom talking to someone asked if she could join me. I figured she might be kinky which I am down for but at that moment I was just not feeling it. I really needed to puke my guts out and I could feel this was going to be a bad one. I'm talking peas and carrots and bile if you know what I mean. I tried to explain when she begged me to puke on her face and offered me a nice long blow job if I did. Now the prospect of fucking a mouth filled with my puke did not appeal to me especially but I was intrigued by the idea of puking in a willing woman's mouth. So I said "sure" but just barely and she laid down in the tub. So I bent over and vomited forth the contents of my stomach. She kept her mouth wide open though only half of it made it into her mouth. I almost puked a second time from watching her swallow it and pick bits of food off her face, hair and clothes and eat it. After that she asked if I'd like to poop in her mouth. Well to each their own I suppose. I couldn't work up a shit or her but I did piss into her mouth and let her guzzle it down rinsing down the puke she ate. But I really had to get out of there. She was making me sick. At least I left the party knowing I had made at least one girl happy. I never saw her again and that is about the grossest thing I have ever participated in.

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