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    Straight Male / 45

    I really do hate my neighbor. Or I should say neighbors. There are two of them. The are the most obnoxious people in the world. They think everyone is addicted to their loud obnoxious music and that everyone appreciates hearing it 24/7. First they have a car with a 50000 gajillion megawat subwoofer that rattles the windows from two miles off. I have literally had dozens of my windows crack and break just from the vibrations next door. The guy is a cop so calling the cops does no good. They just ignore my complaints. Then he has a similar sound system in every room of his house and they play all of the at once each playing different "music." if you can call it music. It's kind of like when you go to a crowded beach and everyone is playing a different radio station at once only a thousand times louder. They start the music at midnight every day and play it until the next midnight. In other words it just never stops. I wear industrial strength ear plugs and over that industrial strength noise cancelling headphones. It still does not good. The intensity of the sound from their speakers is so great that it feels like I'm being continuously bombarded by rocks thrown at every inch of my body. I have a permanent migraine headache. I am nauseous and sick to my stomach from the intensity of the sound waves. All the plants on that side of my yard have died. My Black Lab died of a heart attack a few months ago and I just know it was the noise from next door that did him in. He spent most of his last few months howling in agony 24/7.

    I can't move out. I signed a lease the week before my neighbors moved in and I've been there less than a year. The lease is for three years and I don't have enough money to move and pay rent at two places at the same time.

    I am open to suggestions.

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    Are there any other neighbors within ear shot of this? Forming a group with neighbors would be a next step. I'd also look for an attorney to help advise. If it goes to court, judges don't automatically side with police officers. They often look on them with disdain due to frequent abuses of power and/or improper procedure.
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    To comment 1

    My neighbor and I are the only two who live on that road. There are no other neighbors in either direction for several miles. I picked the place because it was remote and quiet the day I signed the lease. It is also inexpensive which is why I signed the three year lease. I have already spoken to an attorney. He informs me that there are no state laws covering noises that only cities that have noise ordinances can cite someone for producing excessive noise. Our county does not have such an ordinance. Most people here live fairly far from their closest neighbors. My neighbor's house is about 200 feet away from mine but he parks his vehicles near the property line which is about 60 feet from my house.

    My neighbor is a sheriff's deputy with the rank of sergeant. His Dad is the county Sheriff and his uncle is the only county judge and hears all cases not involving a major felony. The only statutes that would apply is public nuisance and malicious mischief and those are misdemeanors so my neighbor's uncle would be the presiding judge. This all from the only attorney in the county who would take my call and he told me that he can't actually take the case since he would like to continue his career in this county. The sheriff's department is basically untouchable. He suggested I simply move and pay rent at two places for the next two years. My only other option is to simply abandon the place and break lease and move out of state. If I break lease I can't get into any other rental unit in the state anyways since I would be black balled state wide. My cousin got blackballed and couldn't get a place to live for years. He ended up having to move out of state just to have shelter. He showed me the landlord association's weekly publication that lists all deadbeat tenants in the state going back twenty years. It's like the New York phone directory. They list your full legal name, your social security number, your date of birth and every known address you've ever lived in and they keep a list of your closest relatives. I think they do it on line now, that was a few years ago when he showed it to me. If you have any other ideas I'm open to them. I think I probably will have to simply move out of state. I just don't want my credit destroyed for breaking a lease.

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