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    Gay Male / 18

    I'm not really 18 but don't worry, there isn't anything sexually explicit here. I'm actually 16 years old and in high school and I'm a sophomore. Last night I came out to my parents. They are very religious and devout so I half expected them to blow up and kick me out and disown me and call me all sorts of horrible names. So I was very very nervous but I just could not keep it a secret any more. I have a boyfriend and I want to marry him and I want to be able to have him over.

    So I sat my parents down and told them I have an announcement. My dad could see I was nervous so he asked "are you a Democrat?" I said no. He said "Whew! O.K. well that's the worst it could be." Then he said, "did you get a girl pregnant?" I said no and he said "O.K. then that's the next worse thing." Then he asked if I broke any laws or are on drugs and I said "no." and then he said he couldn't think of anything that would upset him and my mom besides those things and then he said "you don't worship Satan do you?" I said "no." and then I just blurted out "I'm gay!"

    Both my parents smiled and said they already knew and were actually afraid I'd come out as a Democrat which they just would not accept. They even joked about a intervention clinic they knew about that deprogrammed Democrats that was similar to rahab.

    The next thing my parents want to know is if I've got a boy friend. When I tell them yes they want to know why I didn't ever invite him over and that they want to meet him.

    Last night was about the most surreal and bizarre night of my life. I completely expected them to become furious and in fact I already packed all my bags expecting to be kicked out.

    My Mom is already planning the wedding and my dad, naive as he is, wants to know if I'm going to be wearing a wedding dress and if I want him to give me away. Well I suppose since my boyfriend is 27 and a top and I am quite effeminate I would take the feminine role but I'm not really a cross dresser and am still explaining all that to my parents.

    I was prepared to never be hugged by my parents again and last night they double hugged me and didn't let go for nearly an hour. I had to break it up just to go pee. then we broke the news to my big sister who laughed and said she'd known for years and even had discussed it with my mother and finally we broke it to my little brother whose 12 and he says "so what? who cares" and went back to his video game.

    I guess I'm lucky. I hope this is what they mean by the new south.

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    Awww I'm so glad for you good luck

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