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    Straight Male / 23

    I have a twin sister. She and I joke about us being identical twins though the joke pretty much stopped making sense after we hit puberty. Even though I'm a guy I kept my hair as long as hers and our hair was down to our asses and so I looked like her sister instead of her brother. We had nearly identical faces and were the same height and both of us were skinny. Of course twins who were of two different genders can't actually be identical of course.

    Growing up we didn't have a lot of money. My parents only had the two of us but they also only had two bedrooms but at least we also had two bathrooms. We always bathed together. Even when we were five and stopped needing our parents help in the bathroom, we continued to bathe together and we actually soaped up each other's bodies and shampooed each other's hair.

    As we got older we liked to dress alike and that meant she and I wore both girl and boy clothes. We'd come down to the living room both dressed in identical dresses with our hair in identical pigtails and our parents would try to guess who was who. Naturally when we hit puberty it wasn't much of a guessing game any more. I didn't do it because I think I'm a girl. It was just a fun game.

    We always slept in the same bed as our place was too small to have separate bets. We never stopped taking baths and later showers together. We had seen each other naked from day one and every day and neither thought anything of seeing each other on the toilet. My sister would sit on the tub while I took a dump or vice versa and we just talked. I think around the age of ten we started to wonder about whether siblings to marry each other. My sister hit puberty first. We were 11 and taking a shower and I said "don't look now but I think you're growing boobs." Her nipples were getting a little puffy and her chest was starting to develop slight little cones. We got out of the shower stood side by side naked comparing bodies. We'd done that many times in the past though hadn't in a while. She was about an inch or so taller than me and we hadn't noticed until then. Our parents had explained all the signs of puberty to us so we knew what it was all about.

    She asked if I wanted to touch her boob. So I reached out and felt her puffy nipples. They felt soft and grew as I caressed them. Then my sister pointed out my erection. I had up to then never especially noticed having an erection but I noticed it as soon as my sister pointed it out to me. I asked if she wanted to touch it and she reached out and took it in her hand. I told her it felt really good. Then she asked me to touch her pussy. So I reached between her legs and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs to make it easier.

    We had explored each other's bodies in the past many times. But this was the first time it ever felt sexual to either of us.

    That was the day we became lovers. We didn't actually fuck that day but we sure touched the hell out of each other. We discovered masturbation though we understood the basic mechanics of it before, we just had never tried it because it simply didn't appeal to us. But all of a sudden we both wanted to. First we masturbated in front of each other then we tried masturbating each other. We got into a sort of sixty nine position examining each other's genitals really close up and playing with them.

    We did this every day sometimes for hours but it was almost a year later after turning twelve that we too things a lot further. That's when we decided to try making out and we were both angry with ourselves that we hadn't tried it long before that. It is really awesome making out with your twin sister, especially when she is REALLY pretty. A week later she wanted to find out what the big deal about blow jobs was and so she taught herself to suck my cock. The she insisted that I eat her out which I did and I didn't even mind a mouth full of pubic hair. After all she had swallowed a mouthful of my sperm. Then when we were about twelve and a half she asked me if I wanted to lose my virginity with her. So I accepted her invitation to get on top and between her legs. She took a hold of my cock and guided it inside her and next thing I knew we were fucking. A few minutes later I came inside her. She insisted on licking and sucking her blood and my cum off my cock. I asked if it hurt and she said only slightly and only for a few minutes. She had an orgasm just as I started to shoot my load and had begged me not to stop fucking her even though I'd already cum. turns out I could continue and in fact didnt know at that time that a lot of guys can't keep going after cumming.

    Of course we kept this whole thing a secret right up until a few weeks later we found out my sister was pregnant. We were really scared. She had symptoms of morning sickness and since her periods were really on a whacked out schedule, she'd only actually had 4 so far and not evenly spaced but the she stopped having them as well. So we went to the pharmacy and bought a pregnancy kit. She was positive. She was pregnant.

    We got really scared that our parents were going to get really mad at us. We even discussed the possibility that they would actually murder us. But we had to tell the at some point. Her baby bump started to show just a little and her tits began to swell.

    So we went down stairs and approached our mother first who was the more liberal of our parents. We sat down with Mom and I blurted out "Mom, I r*ped Amy and now she's pregnant." I loved my sister so much I wanted to take all the heat for the situation. After all, Amy was going to have to deal with the consequences a lot more than me.

    My mother sat silently for a moment and then got up and walked over to the sofa where we were sitting. She sat down between us and put her arms around us and told us how much she loved us and that everything was going to be O.K. Then she got up and fetched our Dad who was working outside.

    She said Dad down on the sofa between us and then broke the news to him. I was not expecting his reaction at all. He was actually gleeful. He hugged both of us and told us he loved us and was very excited about being a grand dad. They said absolutely nothing about the fact that we are brother and sister. There was no lecture, no anger between them. They both seemed genuinely overjoyed and happy for us.

    The following week we went to see an OGBYN. Amy got some tests they did an ultra sound and found out she was having twins. A few weeks later we found out it was going to be a girl and a boy. We both rolled our eyes at that.

    From then on we felt free to express our romantic feelings for each other out in the open, at least at home. Our parents would giggle when they caught us making out on the sofa and my mother would talk to me like I was her future son in law. Dad started to build a basement apartment for us. Mom started stockpiling baby things. They didn't bat an eye at our continuing to sleep together. In fact they encouraged our romance. Mom bought Amy sexy lingerie to wear to bed. She took her to the salon to make her pretty and sexy for me though I liked her well enough the way she was. Dad gave me advice on how to pleasure a woman sexually.

    Mom and Dad stopped calling us "the twins" and started calling us "the lovebirds."

    I love Amy so much and love sleeping with my dick in her. I love to sleep in a sixty nine position. I love every naught sexy thing we ever did together.

    While technically we can't get married, our parents told us we were each other's husband and wife as far as they were concerned. Just before the twins were born we moved to a state where inc*st was not illegal. There aren't many. My name is on the birth certificate as their father. I am so glad we could do that and not get into trouble. Of course its still taboo so we don't really tell anyone outside the family. When we told my mom's parents she told us that she and grandpa were first cousins. When we told my Dad's parents they told us they were second cousins. Our parents, we later found out, are fourth cousins. So that is why they were not shocked when we told them Amy was pregnant.

    Since then Amy and I have had two more children, both girls. They were born when Amy was 14 and 16. Our children are now 10, 10, 8 and 6.

    When Amy and I turned 18 our parents invited us to spend the night with them in their bed. We all fucked. I made out with my mom and ate her pussy. Amy sucked Dad's cock and then we got into what mom called a daisy chain. it was awesome eating my mom's pussy while Amy sucked my cock while my dad fucked my mom's mouth as he ate out Amy's pussy. now we do that all the time and we also fuck some of our cousins and I fuck my aunt.

    Since birth, Amy and i have slept in the same bed together and since 11 we have slept naked together every single day. Even when she went into the hospital to have the twins i climbed under the covers with her. We were both naked under the sheets and I spooned her and wrapped myself around her. I love Amy so much and am glad she is my wife and sister.

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    Good for you buddy.
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    What a long boring pile of bullshit
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    Bullshit? Well, who cares if it is...good story either way. Speaking of...I'd LOVE to fuck my aunt, and she's 79!!!

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