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    Straight Female / 37

    I shit on my husband while he jacks off. He shoots his sperm on my poopy asshole. I tolerate it, he cleans it all up, including me, and I don't have to have sex with him when I do this. My sex drive has dropped of terribly in the last 5 years, but I will have sex if he wants, when he wants. Right now, if I do this and pee for him he's content, so am I.

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    I'm curious if your husband has ever shared why he finds this erotic? Did he experience something as a child or teen that some how made this a fetish?
    22 days ago
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    I really needed to read that sickness to get through my day.
    22 days ago
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    Get with a real ordinary man like me to have sex with. Maybe you forgot and you can rejuvenate your life
    12 days ago

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