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    Straight Female / 37

    I shit on my husband while he jacks off. He shoots his sperm on my poopy asshole. I tolerate it, he cleans it all up, including me, and I don't have to have sex with him when I do this. My sex drive has dropped of terribly in the last 5 years, but I will have sex if he wants, when he wants. Right now, if I do this and pee for him he's content, so am I.

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    I'm curious if your husband has ever shared why he finds this erotic? Did he experience something as a child or teen that some how made this a fetish?
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    I really needed to read that sickness to get through my day.
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    Get with a real ordinary man like me to have sex with. Maybe you forgot and you can rejuvenate your life
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    Poster here: #1 - I know his mom and a much older sister (by 10 years) used to sit on the toilet with the door open and didn't care if he saw or not. They would even come in on the toilet when he was taking a bath. I'm guessing that is a point of origin.

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