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    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have a fantasy, or a dream I would like to see come true.

    First some back story, I am a 53 year old guy, married for 28 years (one marriage) and I have three kids who are all young adults. My wife and I met in high school and we married after she divorced her first husband, no kids. We just fell into it, she may tell you a different story but the truth is that we just kind of came together, she was alone and so was I and we got married and things have been that way since.

    Second part of the back story, when I was in my early teens my older cousin taught me to suck his cock. I don't know if you can love doing something like that, but I certainly liked sucking his cock. He would slap my face with his cock, rub it up against my bare butt, make me hold it and change gears, and of course suck his cock. I liked it all, his hard cock against my face is a pleasure that can't really be described. And of course when he came, sometimes he held his cock in his hand and pointed it at me, other times he held my head with both hands and came in my mouth. Either way, feeling him come made me feel good. I liked it and as long as he lived in our town I sucked his cock.

    I didn't consider myself queer or gay. I never have, I just get off on sucking cock. I sucked cock off and on in college and after college off and on with guys that I met at several places I knew gay men hung out. For a time I hung out at this store where I would go in to read magazines and I waited for a guy to come up and ask me if I wanted a beer or cup of coffee or just to go out to his car. The store clerk helped me out in return for me getting him some stuff from a guy I knew in college.

    Then I ran into my wife. She was 24 and I was 25 and after six weeks we got married down at the county court house. We later had an official wedding with family and all. We didn't fuck for several months until she said let's do it and get it over with. We never fucked that much, some yes, but not really. But during those days I was recently married and especially after we had kids I did not go out looking for cock to suck. I thought about it once in a while, fantasized if I saw a guy sitting alone, but I went without sucking cock for 25 years. I didn't eat pussy either, never turned me on or felt like it. Sex with my wife was preacher sex, on and off and that was it.

    Then I met a guy at Lowes. I was looking for some plumbing supplies and he helped me out and we got to talking and he kept putting his hand on my shoulder and we kept looking at each other and I swatted his behind with the plumbing snake I had in my hand and he said something like if I wanted to play rough and he gave me his card and told me that he usually got together with a couple of friends and they rode their bikes and had a beer later at this ice house.

    I went a couple of weeks later, I hung out there but he never showed. Lots of bikers, but he never showed. I went back several weeks after that and he was there with two friends. I got up the never and walked over and asked if he remembered me from Lowes and he feigned recollection before he said sure he remembered and asked if I wanted to join them for a beer. That evening I went home with a puckered asshole. I had never been fucked and it was both a strange and exhilarating experience. All I could think about is that is how a woman feels the first time she is laid. I wasn't subjected to anything bad, he lubed me up a lot telling me that the first time you have to be prepared because it is a strange feeling getting a cock shoved up your ass. That was an understatement.

    In any event that is how I got back to sucking cock, and getting fucked and other things that you do with a gay man. But getting back to my dream. I would like to go on a cruise, solo. No wife, no kids, just me. On the cruise I would like to meet a guy, some guy who wants a fairly novice guy, a top who wants to fuck. I definitely want a top. I don't want to meet a guy who is into leather, but more of a guy who looks like he can drink a six pack before the game. A guy with a gut is appealing to me for some reason, sort of like my friend from Lowes. But not my friend from Lowes, someone else, someone new. I want to suck his cock, if he wants to piss on me he can, I would like to see what it is like to rim a guy, if he wants to put straps on me I would like to try. And I would like the guy to slap my face with his cock and then fuck me. Obviously I can't do this with my friend from Lowes, he is more into soft loving, kissing, nipple kisses, and soft but steady fucking for as long as he can hold out. He calls me Nancy. My fantasy is to go on a cruise and meet a guy who calls me Brucie or Max or something like that, get face fucked and be his cabin boy for the rest of the cruise.

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