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    I was 16 when my 13 year old brother picked the lock of the bathroom door and walked in with his two friend while I was in the shower. I remember him telling his friend "come an look at my sister naked" as the three of them stood in front of the shower laughing and making coments about my tits a pussy. Couldn't do much about it because I was all soaped up, standing stark naked in the middle of the shower and basically stuck there looking at them having a party. It was obvious they had taken advantage my mother had gone over to the neighbours. The wosrt was having to finish showering in front of them, turning around to wash the soap off and exposing every bit of myself. I was so embarrassed about them crotching down to look at my pussy, didn't even have time to get mad. It was later that I realized I had just gone through the most embarrassing experience of my life and so humiliated, couldn't even work up the courage to tell my Mom. I remember them teasing me telling me I had a pink pussy and small tits and scared shitless about them runing off telling other boy what they did. I was facing total embarrassment with every boy in the neighbourhood. Only ones that knew were my closet girl friends that came up with the idea of stripping my brother naked. I remember we did it in the bathroom of our comunity park. He never had a chance against five 16 year old girls. It was easy because he always had elastic band shorts and those came off along with his underwear. I remember pulling off his t-shirt and holding him on the floor completly naked. It was so horny becuase he sufferd the embarrassment of getting hard on right in frint of us. I remember toturing him by flicking his dick to watch it spring back up. He stopped struggling when we theatend to drag him outside naked in front of everyone. He knew there were many girls out there and many of his friends that would tease him about getting stripped by girls. I remember we even pulled his foreskin to expose the head of his dick and watch his face blushing with shame when we took turns yanking his almost hairless baby dick. Seemed like the more we rubbed it, the harder it got and could even see drops of pre cum uzing out the tip. For me it was revenge for what he did to me but to my girl friends it was sexually horny and surely took advantage of it. It did stop the fact that other boys knew what he did to me. The only thing I did was tell everyone they were lying about them seeing me naked. In the other hand we had proof about my brother, because one of girl friends took pictures of his hard dick laying on the floor with his face clearly in it. He messes up again and it's ñublic humiliation for him.

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    I'm jealous. I've always wanted a group of girls to do that to me. Good work. Have you posted your brothers pics anywhere online.
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    @@ #1: Get Serious. You took the bait here and write like some perverted teen q_u_ee_r. Look, this girl enjoys writing about her fantasy most likely due to her & her brother having some argument. Now she's all flustered about it and had to express her desires to help her feel better. She's lame regarding truth to it however. Those gangs of girls went out with the turn of the century. It's all virtual now with her story leading the way.

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