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    Gay Male / 54

    So this goes back to those college days. It was my junior year and my brother was going to school up east and at the beginning of the summer break I decided that I would drive up to spend a week or two with him. I left Dallas early in the morning driving east on I-30, get to I-40 and head east until I got to I-85 . I had a several years old car in good condition, a little bit of money for gas and food, my idea was to drive straight thru. When I got to Nashville I was past being tired and I pulled into this gas station to fill up and across the street was a Denny's.

    I gassed up and went to the Denny's and there was a guy sitting on the curb with a sign that said he was heading to Roanoke. I talked to him, he was going home after being discharged from the Army. He was clean cut, I told him I was going to get a bite to eat and I would give him a lift if he drove so I could sleep and we would split the gas. I asked him to come in with me and get a bite or a cup of coffee so we could get to know each other. We sat in a booth for about an hour and got to along really well.

    Back in the car he took the steering wheel and we headed east again, crossing Tennessee, it was late, really late and he said that he needed to keep on talking because he had been awake all day and the driving was getting to him. We stopped in Knoxville and got a room in a motel along the highway.

    I won't bore you with all the little details, he was there and he did something to me, seeing him in his shorts, still skin and bones from the army, his dick clearly marked against his shorts and me sitting on one of the beds. I said what the hell to myself, worse thing is he would get pissed and leave but this was my chance if ever I had a chance, a total stranger and I asked him if I could suck his dick.

    He asked me if I was some sort of queer and I told him I wasn't queer I just wanted to suck his dick, to see what it was like. Well he was queer and he put his dick in my mouth and held my head while I sucked him. He stopped me and took his shorts off and got on his bed and invited me to get over there with him and take of my clothes and we were naked and I was sucking his dick while he ran his hands up and down my side and my legs and around my ass and under my stomach to grab my dick. He pushed me over and got down and sucked my dick for a while and started to give me a hand job and asked me to give him a hand job while he started to kiss my neck and chest and face until he landed one right on my mouth. He got me on my back and told me he hoped I liked it, he went to his bag and got a jar of KY and brought it over and got between my legs and using the KY to lube me up he took his time until he managed to get his dick in me up to his balls and fuck away until he lost his load.

    I had never really been around a queer guy before, and him wanting me to sleep with him and kissing me was all very strange after we had sex, I wasn't used to it but he insisted so we sept together in the bed. In the morning he insisted on showering together and giving each other head, he asked me if I wanted another go around because he did, this time since we were showered he sucked me first and licked up my asshole before lubing me up again and getting on and fucking me again. It just seemed that the second time his dick went in a whole lot easier and the feeling of getting fucked was a lot more intense. After he came he laid down on top of me and he told me to grab his ass really tight and while he held me hard with his arms around my neck.

    We drove to Roanoke and we spent the night there at a motel before dropping him off at his sister's house. The second night was a repeat of the first night except a whole lot better, really enjoying the closeness, the hugging and kissing, the dick play, the sucking and then finishing with a fucking again. I went on to my brother's and spent a couple of weeks with him. I had thought that I would stop in Roanoke on the way back but decided that I had already played with the devil and didn't stop.

    Maybe my luck would have been different if I hadn't stumbled by luck on a totally gay army guy, maybe I would have gotten beaten up, maybe I would never have found out just how much I liked fucking with a guy, maybe I would have spent a long time without ever having experienced what was obviously my gay side. Maybe I was gay anyway and I would have met some guy along the way, but my way was better, a young hot hard mother fucker who just hit the jack pot and had a young gay wanabe who needed to get fucked for the first time. Who knows, but I am glad that it worked out for me. It broke the ice, I wasn't window shopping anymore and the next time I found myself with a guy I showed him I wasn't some inexperienced college kid wanting to suck his dick.

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    Wow! How nice. I'm still waiting for my first ass fucking --- and hope it isn't the last. Thanks -- I already love sucking cock.
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    Yeah -- I really enjoy sucking cock, too. Big black uncut cock is my favorite... but actually .. I just love all cock. I, too, have never been ass fucked and I sorta look forward to it with mixed fears and anticipation. I'm 75, white, married and just love cock.

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