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    Straight Female / 33

    During Katrina I left Baton Rouge for Houston to stay with some friends. My car broke down east of Beaumont and two guys in a pickup stopped and gave me a lift. In Houston I asked my friends to let them stay since they had helped me out. I had the guest room and they camped out in the living room. I was sound asleep when he woke me up, he kept his hand on my mouth until I agreed not to yell. He got in bed with me and screwed me.

    For the next six days he got in bed with me and his friend slept on the couch. He had sex with me every night. When my friend asked me if I liked 'that' I told her the truth, I did. They left and went to stay with some friends in the Dallas area. We stayed in touch for a while but then moved on.

    But I remember him.

    That's my Katrina story.

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    This bullshit makes no sense at all. A fat slob wrote this rubbish
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    Were you already attracted to him and hopeful he would fuck you? Did he alpha male his way into your pussy without protection? Did you get wet knowing he was going to fuck you whether you wanted it or not?
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    You ignorant bastards! #1 & 2.

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