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    Straight Female / 30

    You haven't given me the special attention you normally do and it was nice, my mind was more clear, and yet I still missed your little touches. You gave me a extra good hug today, it was nice. And yet again I find myself with a wondering mind, I'm not sure which I prefer.

    I brought my family in a few times, I do think I was right about how you feel about me. When you saw my family I think you felt guilty, so your secret touches stopped. I thought you were going to hold my hand today, it was only my wrist. I think we had a moment. I think you missed our subtle touches too.

    Sometimes I think you read my posts on here, but I think most people who post here have similar thoughts.

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    This bullshit makes no sense.
    A fat slob wrote this.
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    #1 is a fat slob.
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    OK, who is touching you up? Father? Brother? Uncle? Roommate? Boss?

    Do the secret touches extend to your boobs, ass and pussy when whoever it is doesn't feel guilty?
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    Its your pussy that Iâm concerned with. I like it and donât want to fuck things up. The extra baggage can cause problems. So donât force the issue and your desire to possess me will keep you giving me all the sweet pussy I want.

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