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    Lesbian Female / 31

    I was fourteen and a church kid. All my outside activities were at church. Across the street from us a family from California moved in and they had a fourteen year old daughter and I was given the responsibility of being her friend. She and I were different from the start. For one she talked about boys, like about kissing boys and going to third base. When she asked me if I had been to third base and I told her no, I had never been to first base. But in spite of that we became friends, we rode the school bus together and sat together and had lunch together. She went with me to church a couple of times but she didn't like it and I went with her and her family to a couple of sport events but I didn't like it. What we had in common was that we went to school together.

    I was at her house and we were alone. We shouldn't have been there unsupervised, but we were. In the kitchen she got this mixing spoon with a round plastic handle and asked me if I had ever played with one. She had to explain how you played with that type of spoon. We went up to her room, she took off her pants and sat on the bed with her legs open and started to insert the spoon. At first nothing happened but she got wet and soon she was using the spoon to masturbate, she asked me to help and she laid back on the bed and grabbed her tits. I wasn't doing it right so she kept telling me to go faster and push it in further until she had an orgasm.

    Now it was my turn, she helped me pull my pants off and I got on the bed on my back and she opened my legs and found my vagina with the spoon and started to fuck me with it. She told me to open my shirt and she bent over and sucked my nipples while she fucked me, she used her other hand to rub my clit and she got me to have an orgasm. After I had my orgasm and I was laying on the bed she got on me and hugged me really hard and kissed my cheek. That was the start of my perversion.

    I shouldn't like a naked woman but I do. I shouldn't like being fucked with a dildo but I do. I shouldn't like having a woman suck my nipples but I do. I shouldn't like fingering a woman but I do. I shouldn't like being naked in bed with a woman but I do. I was a senior in college before I had a guy screw me. I liked that, but I like being with a woman more. I have been screwed by three men, one in college and two afterwards. I like it well enough. But if I am sitting just thinking about sex I don't think of them, I think of this blond woman with nice breasts who wants me to suck them and who likes to go down on me and I like to go down on her. I never think about having sex with a man. She is to me a perfect woman. She is not too tall and not too short, she is not too heavy and not too thin, she is not picture beautiful but she is personally beautiful, she doesn't like men and I don't really like men, and she likes me and I like her. She is my perversion.

    I am a Church Lady now, I teach Sunday School to seventh and eighth graders, I work on the Mission team, I am a Biology teacher in high school and I am quite perverted when it comes to sex and so is my lover, we do things that make me blush. But on the not so perverted moments, I like having her between my legs kissing me and humping against me. There is no penetration of course, but we know just how to rub together and we have sex that way. This comes from experience, we fit together just right.

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    So when you say you're "quite perverted when it comes to sex", what do you mean? What kinds of things do you and your lover do to or for each other that you think is perverted?

    I'm guessing it might not be as bad as you make it out to be.

    We need some more details!

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    Ha ha ha ha the op and #1 are the same desperate fat male slob ha ha ha, when is this idiot going to realise we know its him , please get out of your moms basement and do something other than go to dairyqueen
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    #2 "when is this idiot going to realise we know its him"


    Suffering of split personality already?

    Get professional help!
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    What makes you blush? As #1 said, it's probably not as unusual as you think, but I'm willing to learn new things if it is.
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    I wanna go down on u and eat ur pussy mmmm

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