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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    This is about the first women I fucked.
    I was only 13 and her super drunk husband came through our yard on his way home and stopped me and a friend that I was playing with and started asking us how much we knew about girls. He asked if I'd ever seen a naked girl and I said yes, having seen my mom naked many times. He asked if I'd ever had any pussy from a girl and I admitted I hadn't. My friend got spooked and left us. "If you wanna see a woman and a girl nekkid then come with me I'll show 'em to you" he said. With a hard on and major curiosity I followed. Looking at it, I shouldn't have for the obvious danger to me, but also due to what happened.

    We got to his house, climbed the back stairs and went in the kitchen door. His wife asked who I was and his daughter came out. I recognized her from school, she was a couple of years younger than me. He said that he promised me I could see a naked woman and girl and commanded them both to strip. The wife protested while the girl was taking off her dress. He smacked the woman and started pulling off his belt and she hurried getting out of her clothes. Neither of them had on any underwear, only a house dress.

    I saw them both, the girl with no tits and no pussy hair, just pretty little pouting lips between her legs and totally flat chest with darker nipples and rings around them. The wife was plain, not ugly but no make up, she was probably 5ft. 6in tall, and had wider hips from having a baby, and floppy tits that I would later realize were about D cups. They hung down a bit, a few inches above her navel, and she had dark areolae and nipples. Her pussy was extremely hairy, and she was hairy beneath her arms, it was almost scary. He was sucking his wifes nipples, and sending the daughter into another room had me start sucking the other tit. He moved her and me into their bedroom. He made her lie down and spread her legs, and gave me detailed reports on her pussy and her tits. He told me to strip and I did, as did he. He then got his cock into her mouth and I watched him fuck her mouth, then he got between her legs and fucked his wife with me watching, telling me how to do it when I was my turn. He shot all over her hairy pussy and told me to take a turn. She begged him not to do it, but he laid one swat of his belt across her tits and she yelped and started crying as I fucked her. It was sloppy, it was wet, she was crying and I came inside her.

    He would let me come in after school before he got home and fuck her some more, then sometimes on weekends we'd both fuck her, or if he couldn't get it up being too drunk he'd make me do things to her while I fucked her. Many times I could see the girl watching me fuck her mother. She never even acknowledged me at school and never said anything about the times I saw her naked. I fucked the hairy woman several times, the husband eventually got so damn drunk he froze to death during a winter snow storm. I realize now that it was r**e. I really didn't know it at the time, but both he and I r**ed his wife. I know I shouldn't have done it now, and wish I'd not. I wish even more as the girl by the time she was 16 was a major hottie, and I'd have loved to dated her but no way after what I did.

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    Get serious, rookie. One may reasonably & correctly presume that the prohibited word the website prevents from appearing is r_a_p_e. To that point, it's fortunate for the reader due of course to it being inapplicable and quite irrelevant now as well as twelve years ago in the context of what you explain. First, to the best of my recollection, there exists no documentation of wives even filing any silly sexual misconduct charges against their spouses ; much less of any indictments or further proceedings regarding such.

    Furthermore, with you being a intimidated juvenile merely acting on orders from a powerful man, even a inexperienced trial lawyer would know what motions to file for deferral and eventual dismissal. In the worst case scenario, maybe a couple A.C.D.'s are bargained. Six months later, it's UNDOCUMENTED history.

    Lastly, this type of situation is most likely more common than most would ever admit. Look, the "womens movement" failed for the most part and as a gender they are again realizing their responsibilities to men as well as their sexually submissive obligations in the modern day.
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    I did all kinds of bad stuff before I knew they were bad. Morales today are WAY different from back then

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