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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I spent my childhood years living with an abusive step mother and her two teenage sons. Only family a I had since my parents died in a car accident when I was six years old. Her husband being a truck driver was never home and when he showed up it was only for a day or two. I always felt like I was second fiddle to my step brothers. I couldn"t do anything right and because of it she would use it as and excuse to punish me. It was always me, because in her eyes her two sons couldn't do anything rong. I remember she used to put me over her lap and spank me with my shorts and panties down. She began using the paddle on me in front of her sons not realizing that she was enjoying herself sexually shaming me. I felt more pain than shame because I was just a little girl, not more than 8 years old and my step brothers were 11 and 12 and just laughed. Nudity became sexually humiliting when I turned 13 and she kept doing it in front of her sons, that were then 16 and 17 that didn't do anything else but look at my crotch bent over her lap. I remember my step brothers were so used to seeing me that way, they would forced my clothes off and sexually gropedv me when she left the house. The first time I got held down in the floor of my room stark naked and spread my pussy lips wide open. All of it under the threat of smashing dishes in the kitchen and telling my step mother I did it. That day, after they finger fucked me and took turns liking my pussy, they smashed some dishes anyway and ended up getting punished lock out side in the back yard naked. They out there doubled up in a corner scared stiff about neughbours seeing me. I was sexually abuse almost every time she was out of the house and some time while she was down stair knowing what was going on. Between 13 years old and 17 I lerned more about sex than as grown women. Every thing from having dicks shoved in my mouth, getting my pussy eaten out and even exhibiting myself naked in front of their friends. It only stopped when I was 21, got a job and left the house. Escaped is a better way of putting it. I'm now married and happy, but that part of my remains secret. No used everyone knowing about. People tend to enjoy those kinds of stories and sexually get off hearing all the juicy details.

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    So why not give us some more juicy details?

    Did the brothers spit roast you? DP you?

    Since you claim the wicked step mother knew what was going on, she had to give at least tacit permission for them to continue using you as the house cum dump. Did she ever watch? Participate? Make you service her for your bread and board? Did you suck or fuck the step dad?
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    I was 15 years old when my brother caught me in bed one mourning. He sneaked into my bedroom, ripped the sheets off of me and yanked my panties down in front of his friend. My mother didn't find out and I wasn't about to tell her. I remember him spreading my pussy lips and his friend squatting between my legs looking at it. Told me if I said anything he would tell boys in school. It was a mistake because he knew I was so embarrassed I would never say anything and kept doing it. He once forced me to take my clothes off, asking his friends if he wanted to see my tits. I remember him saying they were small but still grabbed them and sucked my nipples. It happed three times and basically it was just groping, pocking my pussy and masturbation. Remember my brother jaking off watching me jerking his friend. I remember it was the first time seeing boys stroking their hard dicks and ejaculating. It was something I kept secret for many years and my brother never said anything either. At least his friend is not hear anymore and don't have the embarrasment of having to face him.
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    #2, Was your brother older or younger than you? Did he try anything without his friend there? Did he penetrate your pussy or just rub the outside?

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