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    Straight Male / 26

    Just got out of the Army and am getting married on November 17th. My parents insisted on inviting some old neighbors they stayed close to over the years. The bad thing is they also invited their 2 daughters Jenny and Sara who are 3 and 5 years older than me. I haven't seen them since I was 13 when we lived back in the old neighborhood. I think I was 12 the first time Sara convinced me to masturbate in front of the two of them. They were both in high school and the first time Sara talked me into undressing and letting them see me naked. Somehow she got me to masturbate in front of them and to be honest I enjoyed doing it. It went on for about a year before they moved away. Both of them are married now and I suppose are bringing their husbands with them. I'm embarrassed already and can't imagine how I'm going to react when I do see them. My future wife doesn't know anything about it and I'm to embarrassed to tell her. I know its just a stupid kid thing but now its a humiliating experience. The worst thing is it wasn't just a few times they saw me naked and watched me masturbate. When I was 12 and 13 Jenny was 17, Sara 15 and I would stay at their house when my mom worked late which was at least a few times a month. They would take me into Jenny's room and that's where they always got me to undress. Most of the time their parents were out but there were times when their mom was downstairs. Neither of them ever jerked me off but they did smack my butt sometimes and touched my penis and balls. Sara did it more often than Jenny but for them I assume they were just doing it for fun. They were more responsible for getting me to do it but I was never intimidated by them and did it freely. They never took any of their clothes off and for some reason at the time I don't think it ever embarrassed me then. At the time they never made fun of me for doing it and were always nice to me. I just dread seeing them after all these years and will just try to pretend it never happened.

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    Since you didnât have the hormones to ask them to get naked then, maybe, one or both of them would like to see how you changed. Flirt with them and try to get some sympathy pussy from one or both. At least thatâs what I would do

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