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    Straight Female / 37

    I am a 37 year old unmarried professional accountant. I have never had a boyfriend, and have been kissed only a couple of times and that was a long time ago. I decided to give up my virginity by hiring a male escort. I told him up front that I had never had sex and he took that into account. I feel bad that I gave up my virginity that way, I wish that it had been with someone I at least knew or maybe even cared about. It's over now but everything remains the same.

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    I am 54 years old woman and work as a Senior VP in the banking industry in New York and I regularly hire an escort service. I only meet them in a rented room where they can abuse me until I am exhausted. One of my nightmare moments was a young man who left me naked, gagged and tied to a wet bed for the maid to find me in the morning when she was doing her rounds. I won't lie but her looks of disgust and disapproval were worth being found like that. We all like different things, just be careful.
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    As a man in my 50's I hope to meet a woman, especially with meat on her bones, who wants me to use my hands and mouth on her body. Maybe the day will come when more women will use a man just to eat her pussy. Just like many men use women for a blowjob.
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    Don't kid yourselves readers ; there is much less novelty to the concept she mentioned than one would care to admit i.e. this dame is probably attractive enough to snare men and there are many more like her. As such, when one considers the time a girl needs to invest toward losing her virginity, her aforementioned concept at least appears more practical if a dame gets tired of waiting for "the right one".
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    You lack self confidence that is the problem. Get some coffee at Starbucks, sit and read a book, become a regular and strike up a conversation with someone you find attractive.

    Men are so spooked these days with metoo and being rejected non stop its no wonder a guy wont approach you.

    Think about the non verbal signs you throw off, be realistic, with your actions do you think someone would approach you?

    Be cautious and smart, the world is still a dangerous place, but there are nice guys out there, you just have to be open to them.
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    Admittedly, I have always done well with women and the women who turned me on most were not necessarily lookers. They had personalities and topping that, a good sense of humor. I'll trade you ten head-turners for one witty, funny lady.

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