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    Straight Female / 26

    I had a boyfriend through high school for two years. We progressed to doing any sex except intercourses. We wanted to respect each other. We had a break up after graduation which we always got back together. I heard gossip that he had gone out with a friend I disliked and they played around. I got a date with my future husband who is 5 years older than me. We ate out and had a good time. We started making out in his truck. I let him undress me. I decided to let him play with my body like my boyfriend. The only thing it wasnât long he had his penis in me. We had sex until he had climaxed 2 times. I told him while hanging out that the following morning only my older brother and I would be at home. I was still asleep when my future husband came into my bedroom. My brother had let him into our house without telling me. I donât know where my brother had gone but my future husband gave me a long intense screwing. He climaxed inside me 2 times again without any protection. I did get pregnant so we got married. My cheating is with old boyfriend. I never got over my relationship with him. Iâm terrible having this affair being my husband being a good husband and is great in bed.

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    I cheated on my husband. The guilt is hard to live with but made the sex better.
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    Sounds like you like sex
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    Sometimes it takes more than one cock to keep a pussy owner happy.

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