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    Straight Female / 22

    My granny is like an old sailor with an endless list of stories to tell. She has no limits on subject matter. For example, she tells: "When I was entering my teens I became aware that in our one room house, that is one large room, a tiny kitchen and bathroom, everyone slept in the same room.

    With the lamps out, I became aware of "humping" and "fucking sounds at night. I listened intently then would fall asleep. One day, I was awakened and apparently my time had come to be part of the fucking sounds. I cooperated without thinking of who had chosen to fuck me. It was just the way things were at the time."

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    Dang, who fucked you? I just got hard and your story ended. Please continue
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    mmhmm.. If one ponders the thought, it can be logically concluded that if people refuse to be influenced by the liberal, progressive left wing media in changing their peaceful living existence, they can enjoy experiencing the wonderful life similar to your grandmother's and live the right way.

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