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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 42

    Struggling financially I agreed to a housekeeping and cooking arrangement in return for room and board. The man is a widower and the house is large giving me the two upstairs bedrooms and den and he kept the master and guestroom and dining living kitchen downstairs. He worked long hours and at first I seldom saw him. He hurt his ankle and stayed home for several days and that is when he found out I was lesbian. He was quick to tell me he did not agree and he expected me to respect him and stop being a lesbian. I didn't agree.

    He changed his routine and started to come home early enough for dinner which meant I had to prepare his dinner and mine. He insisted that we sit together which led to conversations which led to his objections of my being lesbian. I looked for alternative living arrangements but he said no, I was to stay and respect him. It wasn't like he was forcing me, it was financial and I was not in a relationship. So I kept my mouth shut and dropped the subject.

    I have lived with him now twelve years, he is fully retired and in hood health, he likes to travel and I am his companion as we have traveled the world, he set himself up to taking me to all the corners of human civilizations. After that time when I said I would move out of his house I have only had 'friends', he looks the other way and I keep my social life to myself. He has been my longest adult relationship.

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    "Stop being a lesbian?" What an idiot. Too bad you have to put up with a pea-brained nit-wit.
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    Keep eating the hairy quim. Suck on those pics flaps.
    You know it makes sense.
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    You didnât mention fucking him! Ask him to join you

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