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    Straight Female / 32

    It was one of those things where impulse takes over. I went to the movies with my husband to an action movie, which I dislike. Too often, he gets to pick the movie. The place was about half full and we were all happy to get seats. Outside was a freezing rain.

    We spotted two empty seats and I sat next to a fellow that looked like a college student athlete. We locked eyeballs as I sat down and the spark was not imaginary but real.

    The lights went off and the movie started. In a few minutes, I put my head on my husbands' shoulder, which I sometimes do. Without a thought, I slowly placed my left hand on the student's lap. He turned slightly toward me then looked at the screen but did nothing about my hand. I probed his lap then his crotch. He shifted in his seat a bit then startled me a bit when I felt his hand take mine and pull it through the two way pocket on is coat. Before he let go of my hand, it was sitting on his hard erection that was out but under his coat.

    I stroked his hard cock. It felt marvelous and started to have to control my heavy breathing with my head still on my husband's shoulder. I was giving the student a first rate hand-job, sliding my hand up and down the full length, sometimes gripping it a bit.

    The kid shifted again and I felt a large handkerchief cover my hand and the top of his hard cock. I realized he was about to come then he spurted out a good eight times while I held it tightly. I managed to sit up straight and wipe some of the sperm off my hand as my
    husband was engrossed in the movie. The student whispered "That was great" and it fit into the action that was going on but I knew he was thanking me for my little intimate surprise gift.

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    Hell yeah
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    Fake now you have to choose where sit when you get tickets and most of the seats are bigger. So reaching with your head on your husband shoulder means you is like 7 feet with a crazy wingspan.
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    This story reminds me of high school movie dates I had with a special girl. When she would be bored with a movie she would take out what she called was, "Her dolly man" and play with it. Sometimes she would throw in a good b/j if we had some privacy. I called him "Roscoe" and would say, "so you want Roscoe again?"

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