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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I dropped by the in-laws place today and got the shock of my life. My straight arrow father-in-law was prancing around the place dressed to the nines. Wig, makeup, heels, the whole shebang. He wore a tight black cocktail dress and when he noticed me standing there with my jaw on the floor, he nearly fell backwards on his panty-clad ass. His pretty face was full of fear. He turned and hurried down the hallway to the bedroom. The click-clack of his heels on the hardwood sounded rather sexy. I decided to take advantage of the situation and followed him.

    He was shaking and breathing heavily sitting on the edge of the bed, his legs crossed and arms splayed on each side holding himself together. He began to speak but I put a finger to my lips and undid my belt buckle. His look immediately went from fear to delight. He got off the bed and knelt in front of me and undid my zipper, pulled my pants and boxers down in one motion and gently stroked my hardening cock. He licked it's length and mouthed my balls before going down on me. He is a skilled cocksucker and he got me close pretty quickly. He instinctively slowed his motion and he expertly worked my cock and balls for the longest time. I came without warning in his throat and he gagged and sputtered and pulled off,I spurted two good lashes on his nose and chin.

    I wanted to fuck him but it was getting late so we agreed to meet tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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    I caught my father-in-law sucking a neighbor boy's cock fifteen years ago. He's been sucking my cock ever since. I make him wear panties and lipstick sometimes.
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    He has so far resisted being fucked in his ass, but got another amazing blow job. He was fully made-up and he had on a red dress my mother-in-law wore last Christmas. Two big cum stains might be hard to explain. I really want to fuck him and might have to force the issue next time.
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    I finally tapped his ass this morning. He looked very sexy fully made up an wearing his wife's black lace babydoll and panties.I prepped him with a butt-plug that I inserted slowly and carefully and made him wear it while he sucked my dick. I was very excited to fuck him and he got me rock hard with his talented mouth. Then I had him remove his butt-plug and bent him over the sofa. He was very nervous and I calmed him down with slow and gentle penetrations. After a few false starts I slowly buried my big dick into his virgin hole. He was extremely uncomfortable at first so I started fucking him with slow deep thrusts, but it wasn't long before I started pounding his tight ass. I came pretty quickly and blew a big load deep inside him. He actually seemed a little disappointed.when I flipped him over on the sofa and put his legs on my shoulder and fucked him quite roughly missionary style till I came again in his ass.

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