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    Straight Female / 26

    My girl friend and I went skinny dipping in a small lake. Told me it was safe because it was in her mother's property. We went down there wearing shorts, t shirt and no underwear. I was a little embarrassed about getting naked in broad day light and out in the open. Only did it beacuse there were no house nearby and no one in site. Stacked up my clothe on the ground next to my girl friend's and walked into the water. It felt good against my bare skin and soon felt confortable about having no clothes on. Swam for about 15 minutes and then the shock of my life when I saw five young boys on shore with our clothes in their hands. My girl friend and I just tood there in chest high water looking at them having a blast. It was obvious they wanted us out of the water naked and sooner or later we would have to do it. Walking back to the house naked through an open field horrified me. I remember getting out, standing in front of them with arms in the air, legs spread apart watching them drewling over our tits and pussy.I remember we were forced to finger ourselves to get our clothes back and then never got them back. They just sat there waving their dicks at us and jerking themselves off. We were both 24 years old when it happed. I remember they were all boys in their late teens and sexualy horny. We both got our tits grabbed, pussy fingered a and touched every where. Felt more degraded than humiliated and never could really do anything about it. We got caught, they had a blast doing it, ran away and found ourselve stranded stark naked thinking about getting back to the house. That trip back, running and squatting through that open field, was an experience I will never forget. We did it in panic and fortunatly no one saw us, then had to call my sister to bring us clothes. I remember the laugh she had when she saw us both sitting on the poarch rapt in a towel. Of course our story was loosing our clothes because someone had stolen them and every thing else didn't happen.

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