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    Straight Female / 27

    Seventeen and a senior in high school I met this guy who worked at the repair shop down the street. He took me to his place which was a small apartment a couple of blocks towards downtown. After a minute he told me why he had taken me there and wanted it right away. I lost my virginity on his unmade bed and I sucked my first cock. He wasn't mean or anything I just think I didn't know that he was going to hold me down to have sex. I also didn't know how to suck cock, I was pretty naïve.

    He liked me a whole lot and I went to his apartment and learned how to have sex and how to give him blow jobs. The whole time it was really just about sex, we never dated or went anywhere. After sex I always made his bed really nice. Like see, I can be a woman.

    He wasn't anyone I would have dated. I went on to college and when I had sex with a guy I always made his bed afterwards. It's kind of my trademark. If we have sex I make the bed the next morning, if we don't have sex my husband makes the bed.

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    Keep up the good work
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    Good m.o. girl. You are a good template for what is close to why women were created for man. You don't need a job. Just clean & learn some cooking and you'll make this man or some man content for life. Don't stray & just keep your thighs ready to part whenever the man desires it.
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    I have two small comments. 1. That's kind of adorable. 2. #2 commenter is a fucking douchebag

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